Villain Sneak Peek for 199 Great Battle

From Henshin Grid once more, the villains that will appear:

The reappearance of Black Cross Fuehrer.  Well he's the first major villain in Super Sentai.  Well, he's back with a vengeance.

Brajira has returned with a radical new look.  Well, I did revive him in my fan-fiction Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers as a member of the UAOE though so again, fan-fictions may never fit in well with actual continuity.

Yogoshimacritein is also back and meaner than ever?  Well this guy may be just like Venjix but he's less serious.

Dagon from Magiranger but I wanted N-Ma instead.  Oh well...


  1. I am disappointed by goseiger vs shinkenger series because it has gone before i watch it completely, but my favour boukenger and the other haven't let me down because i still can find some episode. So, super sentai never let me down. You don't need to tag this comment, i just want to chat with you


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