Denziman Tribute in Gokaiger Episode 8

Looks like I won't be stopping making recaps compared to Goseiger which IMO wasn't my type of series.  Plus, I don't know if I should start doing recaps on Shinkenger which I deleted because the Youtube videos got removed (and anyway, I am REALLY finding Power Rangers Samurai not that great because of what I think has their lack of creativity with the cast members).  Anyway Ahim is pretty interesting in this script (but I like Luka more).

So we do get some glimpses of four out of five Gokaigers:

Marvelous is the survivor of the rebel group... here he reminds me of Han Solo from Star Wars.

Joe was once a member of the Imperial Force.  Is he a tribute to Joe in Kamen Rider Black RX who was once serving Crisis Empire?  I think so.  I also think of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z too with that look.

Well Luka is an anti-hero at best.  She like Marvelous has been into outlaw activities.  Hope they end up with each other.

And Ahim... well she's a member of the royalty and the sole survivor that is.  That reminds me of...

The Denzi Princess from Denziman if anybody can remember her.  She was a survivor of her planet like Ahim is.  I feel like Ahim is a tribute to her.

And well, it's nice to see them use the Denzimen's powers too to pay tribute to the series.

Well the Goggle V suits DO resemble that of the Denzimen after all.


  1. The funny thing is that when it's Don's turn, the bad guys just dismissed him as 'Of no concern'.

  2. It turns out that Don is really the lost princess of Lemuria...

    It turns out that Don is really AkaRed...

    It turns out that Don is really Shurikenger!

  3. So where did Don come from? Why you didn't mention it clearly

  4. @sakura- Doc's history is not yet mentioned.

  5. Denji means Electromagnetic in Japanese. Luka Millfy got her female version of Jun Kiyama's wife being a female DenjiIerou or Yellow Electromagnetic Woman. What will Jun Kiyama say about Luka, who is younger than him? Domo Arigato also to the veteran singer Ken Narita! Goukaijaa to DenjiMan ni Makasero! (Leave it to the Electromagnetic Men and Heroic Rangers!)


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