Handling of Villains Competing for Overall Power

I would personally like to talk about two groups and do a comparison of villains competing for power within the whole season.  These groups are the Vyram and later the enemy factions in Boukenger.  Let's see how they operate:

The Vyram compared to other organizations had no proper leader and they all competed for power. Radiguet was the overarching villain since he was the most powerful and is considered by many the biggest SOB villain of all time.  The four of them namely Radiguet, Tran, Gure and Maria competed for power.  Not exactly between Maria and Gure, they were an item.  Radiguet desired Maria but she hated him.  They did have formal leaders but were overthrown- Juuza appeared for only two episodes and Radiguet killed her and later Tran became Tranza but after ten episodes, he fell down at Radiguet's hands.  Also, there was plenty of drama especially when Maria was turned into a monster by Radiguet, when he realized he couldn't have her, nobody could and well Gure died an honorable death at Gai Yuuki's hands, which he chose to fight rather tha commit suicide.  Overall, a very dark conflict.

The Negative Syndicate are another.  Unlike the Vyram, these guys were not really dramatic and they were multiple villain factions that competed for power, rather than an organization with no formal leader.  They did team up sometimes, only to keep betraying each other.  So they're basically "toned down" and somewhat comedic.  At the same time, it was cool to see these factions exist in one season and go against each other most of the time.  Apparently Ryuon and Gaja are tributes to Radiguet and Ryuon but far less bad-ass and sadistic.  I find Gaja somewhat stiff for a psychic villain compared to Tranza who really kicked ass.  Ryuon well, he was really mean and like Radiguet, he was just plain sadistic.  The Dark Shadow, I felt that while Yaiba was a darker Gure having a past with Inou Masumi, Shizuka was in fact what I felt to be a parody of Maria and was really not dramatic. The Questers were really cool and nasty, and were probably taking tribute to Ramu and Gogu but far more bad-ass.  How they battled the Boukengers and how they all collapsed was pretty much well-written that perhaps, some old Sentai writers were involved.


  1. Ah, so this is a Vyram and Negative comparison.

    Old writers involved in Boukenger? Like who? As far as I know, only Shou Aikawa was mostly in charge.

  2. Except for Shizuka, I wouldn't any of the Boukenger villains as comedic. I think the rest of them are very serious characters.

    Also, I don't agree that they're all tributes to Jetman villains. Gaja compared to Tranza I can see.

    Ryuoun I'd say is a softer version of Radiguet at best, though still pretty awesome.

    I don't think there's nothing in common between Shizuka and Maria. Maria was just an evil bitch while Shizuka was a bit on the childish side. If anything I think Shizuka is closer to Furabijou from Hurricanger.

    The only thing in common between Yaiba and Gray is having a rivalry with a black ranger. Other than that, they're nothing alike in personality and characteristics. If anyone's close to Gray it's probably the Questers who look similar to Gray in design.


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