What Could Be Sneak Peeks for 199 Great Battle: The Rangers!

Here are some photos from Henshin Grid and other Tokusatsu blogs but I'll just write what I want to think about these:

By the looks of these, the Goseigers will play a major part.  Wow, Captain Marvelous is a chick magnet too!

It would be nice to see Genta, Chiaki, Saki and Akashi in the movie.

Cameo or major part?  Well it's nice to see Kenji Ohba as Oume here and he's been one of my favorite childhood actors whenever he played as Gavan.  Keichi Wada as Ryou, well he hasn't aged much and Mika Kikuchi-Yuuji as Umeko, well she looks kinda different here.

Red rangers assemble but that's not all of them though.
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