Super Sentai Series That I Think Get A Shallow View by SOME Superficial Male Fans

Update as of Apirl 22, 2012: Thanks to some comments, I've changed the post's title... :) thanks to the corrections pointed out by Sogambut Boys Projk and Fantasy Leader.

So here's a pretty good list of Super Sentai series I think have been overrated by SOME superficial fans... sad but true but this does happen... and I'm caught RED HANDED!  LOL!  LMAO!  Okay now for the series some people I know (including myself) have watched and enjoyed for the wrong reasons!!!!

Chodenshi Bioman- I guess no child in the 80s-90s can forget their crush on Hikaru/Kimberly.  But this has turned into a bygone or has it?

Hikari Sentai Maskman- Another of those Sentai chicks that's hard to forget is Momoko.  Boy I remembered my crush on her. :P

Chojuu Sentai Liveman- Megumi is STILL freaking hot.

Kosuku Sentai Turboranger- Haruna Morikawa was probably another of those hot chicks in the 80s even if she's not really that hot.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger- Okay I don't find Mei as hot as Kimberly but she's still hot nonetheless that some go MOE. :P

Gosei Sentai Dairanger- Lin being hotter than Mei can be one of the many stupid reasons to watch Dairanger over Zyuranger.  Wow talk about a better series watched over a lesser series for a girl.  She's somewhat similar looking to Kimberly imo.

Megaranger- Chisato's just smoking hot so yeah.  However don't watch Megaranger over Power Rangers in Space for her.

Seijuu Sentai Gingaman- In fairness, Saya is kinda pretty herself.

Mirai Sentai Timeranger- Well Yuri's one hot chick you wish came from your time and not from a distant future.  I personally find her hotter than Jen in Time Force but please don't watch this series only for her or you'll discredit the effort Time Force has for a good season.

Hyajakuu Sentai Gaoranger- Sae's still a shallow reason to watch an entire series.

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger- One can't deny that Nanami Nono is HOT too.  Hotter than Tori Hanson.

Bakaryuu Sentai Abaranger- Okay Ranru Itsuki's not as hot as Kira Ford imo but she's still hot.

 Tokosou Sentai Dekaranger- Jasmine is really blazing hot... so hot you'd break the law to get her attention.  Some people argue that she's the hottest Sentai girl ever.

Gou Gou Sentai Boukenger- I can't deny Sakura Nishihori caught my heart too LOL despite her funny features.  Just don't watch Boukenger for her and don't discredit Operation Overdrive because of her.

Engine Sentai Go-onger- Although most non-superficial fans will find Go-onger a bad series, superficial fans will most likely enjoy it for Saki Royama who some put in the boring list.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger- Mako Shiraishi's just BLAZING HOT (she's our second Kimberly for PR-Sentai fans) no doubt about that, perhaps nobody would mind how BAD of a cook she is or whatever.  I guess Shinkenger may be the most overrated by some superficial fanboys as of late.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger- Watching a good series for Luka Millfy will make anyone fail to appreciate the glory of adventuring.  However I admit I'm not much of a Gokaiger fan so I didn't spend myself into it nor do I enjoy much of it for beauty's sake.  I prefer to enjoy Gokaiger for its nostalgic value.


  1. why is this thing is called as "Super Sentai Series That I Think Get Overrated by Superficial Fanboys" rather than "The Girls From The Super Sentai Series I Love To Watch"?

    You are just talking about girls you loved from the series that YOU love! You are not the only Superficial Fanboys in this world!

  2. This post doesn't make much sense. Are you speaking for other fans? Or are you speaking for yourself? And overrated doesn't seem like the right word to use at all for this.

  3. Please change the title, bro.


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