Sentai's Most Insanely Awesome Moments!

In Super Sentai, some moments were just too ridiculously awesome in the sense that I can say "what the?" yet it's also worth applauding because of the awesomeness.  Here are they in no particular order...

Yuuma's bad singing manages to save the day from Zonos.  Though I got a good laugh but it was also awesome.

Changeman's final battle with Bazoo where their robot beats him from the inside.

Red Flash's final battle with Kaura could have killed Red Flash but he did win despite all the whippings his body received.  Kaura did survive to create a dramatic finish too.

Baraba's demise at the hands of Red Mask.  While his Holy Prism Sword was supposedly invincible against the Jet Cannon, Red Mask BROKE it in his final battle with Baraba before killing the latter.

Red Turbo's final battle with Rehda.  It was insane as Rehda trapped him in a ghost dimension, Red Turbo could have been destroyed by Jarmin's and Zimba's ghosts yet he got out of it and killed Rehda.

The one on one battle of Red Turbo and Ragorn IMO is really ridiculous because Red Turbo won against Ragorn one on one.

Fiveman's musical duel against Chevalier.  While Chevalier's group sang "Hero" the Fivemen defeated them with the Fiveman theme song.  I guess singing does become a good weapon!

Aya Odagiri piloting Jet Garuda and defeating Drill Leech Jigen.

Black Condor's final batte with Gure.  That fight nearly claimed the hero's life yet he WON anyway at a close shot.

The Geki vs. Burai duel is where I'd say, "Move over Jason and Tommy." because of the suitless portions.  It was a pretty much intense duel where I'd say, had a greater touch of drama than Mikoto's menacing awesomeness against the Abarangers.

Just about EVERY Ryou vs. Demon Boxer Jin battle until the last one!  Hey thanks to Toshiki Inoue's efforts here.  Ryou's team up with Gai Ikari was awesome, yes but not insane.

Banban Akaza's first appearance in Dekaranger.  His incredible hyperactivity combined with his enthusiasm makes him unleash super crazy moves.  All we need to do now is to see how he does obstacle courses and how dirty he'll get compared to the rest

Hoji Tomasu's one-on-one battle with Jeanio is super awesome yet unbelievable.  Well at first he was injured but he came back, made a full recovery and showed everyone he's the best cop on the corner!  All I can is Hoji's just incredibly stronger than he looks!

Long being sealed into a BALL by the Gekirangers.  It was kinda insane how they could actually take this NUTBALL and turn him into a ball.  I give them awesome points to how they do it!

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red's final battle with Juzo was what I'd call something that popped my mind because Juzo was really a huge menace YET Takeru defeated the villain HIMSELF.

Shinken Red using TWO Rekka Daizantos!

The final episode of Gokaiger.  They all had to release insane amounts of power to beat Ackdos Gill.

Anybody has their moments to share?  Please do!


  1. Sentai has way too many awesome moments to fit onto one single post. xD

  2. Dairanger had way too many awesome moment. The death between Ryo and Demon Boxer Jin. The 48th episode where they lost there powers but continue to fight the Kot patrol as they did their Ranger pose minus there suits. Kakurangers moment was Jiraiya duels master Gary. Or Kane vs. His father Sho.

  3. The 2 most awesome moments is when Geki duels Burai in the most intense yet violent sword play. It ended with a tender moment of course. And the final heroic act where Burai transforms to the Dragonranger for the last time summons both the other Rangers powers and Mechas with intensity. We know what happened to Burai in the end.


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