My Picks for Really Corny Moments in Super Sentai

Like it or not, there are a few instances in Sentai that will be pretty corny and here are a few:

Bioman episode 12- Okay Mason was being despicable in that episode but the fact that Green Two thought he killed a boy's father (who was really a mechaclone), he forgot the one fact that HUMANS just don't explode like that!  Hmmm... it could have been remedied if Mason's mechaclone didn't explode.  Just my pick but some will disagree with me on this!

The annoying Five puppets in Fiveman.  I thought they were cool as a kid but they got quickly boring.  Glad they ended when Chevalier got appointed as captain.  Or perhaps the last minute shift of antagonist by turning Meadow into just an illusion and revealing Vulgyre was what I'd call "too rushed".

Or for Goseiger... I could really put the part of being corny with its having a mecha overload just to sell toys.

Okay I guess this is just it for corny moments.  There's not much to criticize for being corny either... so I guess this is it! :P


  1. Sean, none of these are examples of corniness. Corniness is more along the lines of something that is blatantly typical or sentimental. What you've got listed here are just criticisms.

    1. I wish you can give a few examples yourself as part of corrective action to this post. Thanks.

  2. Magiranger is a show that has a lot of corniness, like how it keeps playing off of those typical fairy tale stories.

    1. and volume 1 of kakuranger is so corny and cheesy that could make shinkenger fanboys puke at!


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