A Toku Themed Bar? Masaru Shishido Opened One!

While I was reading one of my currently number one J-Entertainment and Tokusatsu blog "Orends Range" I ran into this interesting information: former actor Masaru Shishido opened a Tokusatsu themed bar!!!!  Wow!  Looks like he's not the only red ranger to open a restaurant as Kazunori Inaba is currently running a restaurant. So how do I think of it?  Here's my thoughts on the information Ukiya Seed is sharing to all of us Toku fans...and I caught it while reading his blog whenever I can:

I guess he hasn't forgotten about Tokusatsu after all... like even if they proceeded to soap operas and action series, Toku is after all what launched them.  And here's another...

And here's the ambience... and according to Ukiya Seed the following actors have been there: Touta Tarumi, Keichi Wada, Kenta Satou, Kei Sindachiya, Yuu Tokita and Daisuke Tsuchiya have been there.  So who wants to go?  So I guess this is a place for adult toku fans who wanna feel young but maybe children can enter but they're not allowed to drink beer.

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