Super Sentai's One Shot Head Writers

Well now it's time for a major edit in this entry.  Before I wrote this entry with a thought, "Hey I'll just pretend to know everything..." in a foolish quest for glory and at first, bashing Power Rangers.  Now it's time to revise this entry, hopefully to make more sense.

After Hirohisa Soda's entirely huge contribution all the way from Goggle V up to Fiveman, Jetman was the next series and you had Toshiki Inoue as the head writer.  It's said that before he became infamous, he was once known for his better works such as Changerion (which I need to watch), Jetman and his magnum opus Kamen Rider Agito making him Toku's version of Frank Miller.  So really, Jetman got so popular during its airing with him also trying newer stuff or recycling some stuff he introduced during his time with Flashman up to Turboranger, notably X-1 Mask was his writing.  

Based on this picture from Shogo B'Stard, he was the main writer of Carranger but apparently most of his works for Toei were non-Toku related.  So what's with this guy?  After I watched Carranger from start to end, I realized that I have MUCH TO LEARN about writing a good comedy.  The season itself is full of comical elements.

Here's one guy who wrote some really good shows and Shogo based on his opinion likes a lot of them.  I haven't seen much more of Hurricanger (and I'll confess I had myself just staring at Nanami while watching them bad HK subs), I'll admit that Hurricanger lacks the impact of Liveman's  flavor in terms of writers and producers.  So he was part of Kamen Rider Black a very popular Showa Kamen Rider series, for Janperson as a Robocop style show inspired by the same hero, I hear praise for B-Fighter so it might be safe to say Hurricanger must be the weakest of his headwriting works.

At first, I thought Magiranger was good based only on a few episodes but the more I watch it, the more I really am irritated by the show.  I was simply hiding behind opinions but now I can say this, I really didn't appreciate this guy for his headwriting job in Magiranger.  Fiveman will for me, always be better than Magiranger.

I've had a shaky relationship with Boukenger and this guys tends to do hit or miss.  I'm a fan of Kamen Rider Blade but Kamen Rider Decade SUCKS for me.  So he's the main writer of Boukenger, a very popular season but I'm liking that show less.  Boukenger would have fallen out for sure if it wasn't for Yasuko Kobayashi, Naruhisa Arakawa and Junki Takegami getting involved.  I do like Boukenger but I'll admit, this guy hits or misses plus wasn't it his idea to make a "last minute redemption" for Mikoto.  I guess one of his faults IMO is the way he screwed up my favorite Abaranger villain.

I'll admit I am a fan of Kamen Rider W or his most current assignment, Kamen Rider Drive and I love his contributions towards Kamen Rider Fourze as an assistant writer.  But Kyoryuger?  I felt like this guy made dinosaurs glad that they are dead.  I guess this guy should stay with Kamen Rider.

Updated as of : September 2, 2015


  1. Hurricaneger isn't about revenge and redemption. That's Liveman. Hurricaneger is more about growing up and being accepted.

    Michiko Yokote wasn't a one-shot writer. She also wrote Gekiranger. xD


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