Super Sentai's Musicians

Thanks a LOT to Fantasy Leader for his blog entries on "Super Sentai hobbies" now I can segregate the musicians but I might be missing a few or a LOT.  Here are they:

Jin Makoto played the trumpet.

Both Daigorou Oume and Tatsuya Midorakawa play the guitar.

Hikaru Katsuragi plays the flute.  I can NEVER forget her playing the Bioman tune on her flute.

Momoko did play the flute for one episode only so I might delete her from this list.

Remi Hoshikawa was the music teacher of the school.  She was a pianist.

Gai Yuki played the saxophone pretty well... so well he even played it in the afterlife.  I guess he's entertaining every late Sentai warrior now.  His jazz has been my favorite music in Jetman.  In the afterlife, he might have been learning the Dragon Caesar theme from Burai, or perhaps he may have even mastered music from the Gen Juken Academy if he ever met Rio and Mele after Long killed them.  Well if he did have a military funeral when he was put to rest, he may have learned a military marching band too!

Kaori Rokumeikan-Tendo plays both the violin and piano to ease her spirits.

The non-canon Jeffrey Kensaki was a guitarist.

Burai played the oboe like he played the Zyusoken.

Hayate plays the flute.

Gaku Washio plays the Ukelele.

Shirogane plays the flute.  I enjoyed his flute playing in Gaoranger.

Asuka plays the harmonica.  Can't find a photo of him with a harmonica.

Souta Mogami plays the guitar.

Kotoha Hanaori played the flute.  I like the fact she played the flute to ease the children's spirits.


  1. you forgot remi (Fiveman) She plays the piano

    1. Hi thanks for the comment. Can you please by a follower of this blog? Thanks! :)

  2. And Gaku from Gaoranger plays the ukelele!

    1. Your right with that one Shirogane did play the flute. It's been 10 years since I saw Gaoranger.

  3. I don't think this is 'Super Sentai Musicians' but more like 'Super Sentai Characters Who Played Musical Instruments Once Or A Few Times'...

  4. Denzigreen and Denziblue both played the guitar , Burai plays the oboe like Zyusoken and last but not least Gaosilver Shirogane plays a harmonica as well.

    1. I am really kicking myself in the head for forgetting this. My favorite Super Sentai Femme Fatale Megumi Masaki aka Blue Dolphin plays the Keyboardtar of the 2 episode that featured the song "Spark-Umi E". First time I heard the song with the action scenes I fell in love with Megumi Mori!!!!


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