My Top Picks for Good Monster Deaths

Here are some monsters I think were really more than just monsters, they showed some powerful drama behind them and showed that they were not really monsters compared to their masters.  Also these deaths were not just merely ordinary deaths but those that really MOVED me a lot.  These monsters deserved a second chance but they alas had none.  Seriously events like these monsterize the villains than they've already started.

Now here's the list...

4.) Charcoal Org- He was a good natured Org and wanted to reform as he loved children.  Sadly Yaiba and Tsuetsue took control of him and the Gaorangers had to kill him.  In the end, he was seen in Heaven cooking dinner for Futaro/Gao God.

3.) Trash Jigen- I felt some sympathy for this monster.  Well not only because I DO adore teddy bears (and not to mention Ako herself) but because he felt attachment to Ako as its mother (reminds me of how I really adored that stuffed cat I had when I was a brat).  What I find powerful about this is because Ako pleaded it to stop when Maria made it go monster (literally) and when it saw a little girl crying, it reverted back to its good self.  Maria despicably killed Trash Jigen in front of Ako causing a real confrontation between the two.

2.) Media Magician- Although he was originally sent to destroy Lin and the rest of the world, he did fall for her because of an act of kindness.  This resulted to their romance and the Media Magician was forced to admit he was a Gorma to her.  Despite that, Lin loved him.  The fake Gara saw their love, destroyed the Media Magician and used his body as a puppet.  Personally I found this love story to be a huge heartache.  So powerful I really made a Wild Mass Guess that Takeru/Red Mask married Lin but that's just some stupid joke I made up (LOL).

1.) Chime Bouma- Seriously I really HATED Jarmin in what she did that episode.  It was in fact for me the most sadistic deed ever done by any of Turborangers' villains not even Ragorn thought of it.  Why I think this is powerful because Jarmin manipulated Chime Bouma to destroy the Turborangers or she'll see her tribesmen killed.  Jarmin did use a lot of force and violence in that whole episode and she heavily mistreated Chime Bouma.  Chime Bouma did befriend Youhei but she was later forced to fight him if she wanted to save her tribesmen.  In the end, she saw most of her tribesmen die before her very eyes, she was killed and turned into giant form.  However she rests in peace.


  1. You forgot ep. 15 of Oh Ranger, Bara Revenger defected and tried to live a quiet life alone and befriended Oh Blue. He died in battle with Oh Robo and in the final scene of the episode he died quietly and fell apart in a quarrie as most of the main heroes where clueless of what's happening.

  2. Media Magician in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is called Showbiz Monster. It appeared on "Lights, Camera, Action!" episode. And yes, Ryousuke Kaizou played that role as a Special Guest in DaiRanger.


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