My Top Five Picks for Powerful Hero with Star Crossed Relationships

Okay I think I also want to pick on powerful hero relationships. Powerful as in it was really a mover, or that it went so well with the flow of the story and it had an impact to the overall story. Here are they...

5.) Tatsuya and Yuuri

This one for me is really just quite powerful. Why? Well at first, they didn't meet each other as exactly lovers or anything. Both of them fell in love despite being 1,000 years apart (now that's freaky!) and they never were able to tell their feelings until it was too late. I find this odd but hey I want to add it here!

4.) Rio and Mele

Considering these two transitioned from villains to heroes late in the series, I'd put them in. I considered their relationship to be something that also made Gekiranger interesting. For Mele, she was strongly devoted to Rio for reviving her. For Rio, Mele was his all. I really felt VERY ANGRY at Long for killing them!!!!

3.) Daigo and Kujaku- Oh boy why do I like this tragic story so MUCH?! Daigo fell for her the instant she came out but Kujaku was vengeance filled. Daigo was literally running after her, there was much of a romance between them where time was running out for Kujaku. Kujaku's degenerating, Daigo's choice of the Peacock tears (which was between love and many people) really pushed this story so good from start to end.

2.) Takeru and Ial

In Maskman, finding Ial became the primary motivation of Takeru to continue his battle against Tube. This relationship also sparked the whole Takeru vs. Igam rivalry which I consider to be pretty intense, especially Takeru discovered the girl he loves and his rival were siblings and later, he discovered Igam was really a girl complicating matters since Takeru had a high sense of honor. That meant Takeru wanted to befriend Igam for Ial's sake. In the end, they both split up and fans are left to decide if they really are done for good when Igam became a Buddhist nun. Ial left Takeru with still feelings for him.

1.) Ryu and Maria

I find this the most powerful considering that while Ryu had no knowledge that Rie had become Maria, he later discovered that Rie became Maria when he saw Maria turn back to Rie in front of him. When he tried to return for her, Radiguet who was growing in love with Maria turned Rie back to Maria which caused him more pain and sent him spiraling into insanity causing Gai Yuki to snap him back into action. Then his motivation was to bring back Rie. The vampire Maria episode was even more powerful because this is where Ryu was put to so much pain. His love for her broke the curse of the starfish creature. While it was nearly a happy ending, Radiguet killed Rie in cold blood which drove Ryu insane once more in attempting to finish off Radiguet himself. Also the fact Rie refused Ryu's love because of what she did as Maria was just really to hard to accept too!


  1. I think the Asuka/Jeanne romance in Abaranger trumps all the ones on this list, except the Daigo/Kujaku relationship. The Asuka/Jeanne romance was a lot like Ryu/Maria, but with a lot more depth added to it. However, I do like the selections on this list.

    1. Hi Mr. Smith how are you?

      Well Asuka/Jeanne wasn't tragic though. It was a twist to Ryu/Maria where the heroine doesn't die in the end considering Abaranger though more serious than Zyuranger, isn't a very dark season. So I was wondering how do you think Asuka/Jeanne trumps all the ones in my list? Just a thought.

    2. Then you should've called this post "Tragic Star Crossed Relationships" not "Powerful Hero with Star Crossed Relationships." Cause the Asuka/Jeanne romance was pretty powerful. And Jetman isn't a dark season either. It is serious and has some dramatic elements, but that's it.

    3. You say Jetman isn't a dark season maybe you can give me a list of every season you count as a dark season.

      Thanks for offering some advice.

    4. I don't think any of the seasons are dark. Some seasons have more dark elements than others, but there's not really any season that's completely dark. Honestly, the only tokusatsu show I think I can describe as dark is Kamen Rider 555.


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