Super Sentai Series I Feel I Could Relate To...

Okay I will admit that Super Sentai is just fiction, but I do admit that in Super Sentai, there is a degree of realism to add to it like character flaws, tragedies and nightmares that just don't stop in the midst of fictitious environment.  So here are the Super Sentai series that I could relate to:

Chodenshi Bioman- Well this is the first in the list.  Not much here but I do remember there were times like Shingo I fell into self-doubt or like Ryuuta that I was a rebellious youth during my teenager years.  I also remembered like Jun where I realized that heroism is far more important than fame and that fame isn't about heroism and vice-versa.  On the side of the villains, I could relate to Dr. Man in my foolish quest to become the most intelligent person on Earth.  Made me think I'm glad Dr. Man's intelligence enhancing machine is just fiction or I'd be an old man by now.

Hikari Sentai Maskman- There was a time in my life I felt like love was my motivation.  I also felt like that its darker, serious story line with some well-added comedy was a challenge to me to be a writer.  Also, I am able to relate to X-1 Mask with the inability to let go of the past or the funnier one, Takeru's past reminds me of ME that is him as a child so that episode was never a real surprise for me.  Hmmm I wish I can go back into the past too and tell my past self the same things Takeru told his younger self. :P  But above all, the Takeru-Ial romance really made me think that I could lose the woman I once so held dear next to my heart as well, and I did.  On the side of the villains, I could relate to Igam in my past because I had my bitter resentment and have the mentality of branding people for treason whenever I feel like they are "going with the enemy".

Chojuu Sentai Liveman- I could relate myself to Yuusuke for unrequited love and being a poor student.  I could also relate to some people who I once admired for being intelligent ended up becoming my enemies.  Or once in my life, I had Bias' outlook of things as well.  As for Volt's officers, I know somebody who spent much of his life like Dr. Obular but he didn't become a cleric though, he just wanted to help others.  He had parents who never let him enjoy his life even for once.  Sad.  I did also meet somebody who was like Bias, full of contempt and believed himself far intelligent than everyone and ended up nowhere.  And on one side, like Bias I tend to treat people for granted using them to achieve my goals but fortunately I haven't gotten as despicable as he is.

Kosoku Sentai Turboranger- Aside from Maskman's childhood Takeru, I did have Riki Honoo's problems in high school and somewhat of Youhei's too as I had a mentor for quite some time who was like Miss Yamaguchi.  And I did feel the resentment of the Nagare Bouma too, that is with Kirika having the problem of "fitting in" with the popular students.  Like Yamimaru, I had my temper problems too.  For other villains, I felt like I could relate to Zimba since I was a victim of unrequited love for quite some time which nearly made me very bitter about life because of that girl.  Well I just did have my hallucinations of fighting the Bouma in my high school days.  At the same time I was also facing the challenges of high school education's most "tortuous" stages.

Chojin Sentai Jetman- Well okay I don't work at Sky Force but like in Jetman, like Ryu, I had a falling away with a girl who once played the Appassionata but I'm just glad she's found a life already but sad I can't move on.  Like Ryu, I also can be pretty naive and have a close relationship with my late grandmother.  Other stuff in here I felt I could relate to his how somebody who was pretty much a jerk turned out to be a nice guy in the sense he was kinda like Gai Yuki (and we also had a love triangle as well, we became friends later in high school), I also ran into a girl who's as nutty as Ako and a guy who's smart and strong like Raita (with the same type of comedy value).  Hmmm... maybe I should mention I did meet somebody who's like Aya, strict yet a very good person to be with and not to mention a rival who is like Commander Ichijou.  For Radiguet, I could relate to him sometimes that is when it was the arrival of Juuza and later Tranza's usurpation, for being such a mean-spirited individual, another element is I had a Maria in my life who I liked but she only mocked me, or that I do easily get upset but hey I'm no complete monster in the making.  Or like Tranza, I had been bullied and wanted to get even, even to the point I became such a monster against those who previously bullied me.

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger- Okay I saw MMPR first I admit but Zyuranger is one show I could relate to more than the adaptation.  The character is BURAI although I have no younger brother with a Burai-Geki type of relationship.  Like Burai I can get overly emo, eaten up by envy and bitterness and yet have a streak of sympathy for anybody in a less fortunate state.  I also had a cousin who was eight years younger who I had a Geki-Burai type of rivalry.  Also, I do recall my late aunt when watching this series who died from the same disease that Soga Machiko died also, both died from pancreatic cancer and were born on the same year though my auntie died first.

Gosei Sentai Dairanger- Well I may have seen it much later in my life BUT there's some things to relate to.  Like Ryou, I have the love for gyoza and at times hesitant to fight.  Like Kou, I was sort of a pervert as a child.  Like Master Kaku I can be hesitant to blurt out the bad news.  Also like Cameo, there was a time I chose not to fight and live peacefully (which I did raise turtles for some time).  For the villains, I could relate to Shadam in my earlier days who was driven by jealousy and ambition like I was before, in every attempt to be the class president when I was a child even if it meant using deception and force.  Being a huge fan of Chinese mythos, this story gets me as well.

Denji Sentai Megaranger- Well Kenta DOES remind me of me as a high schooler (in the same way like Riki/Red Turbo) like Takeru/Red Mask reminds me of me as a kid.  Another part of Megaranger that reminds me of Kenta is also my earlier video game addiction as well my grades were very low in high school.  As for Chisato, I like photography and I wouldn't mind dating a girl like her either.

Mirai Sentai Timeranger- Like Tatsuya I do have my family issues to face which if you don't mind I will not elaborate because it hurts me a lot to do so.  The other parts of this show I could relate is how I dream of too many times I could alter the past to make a better present, only to realize that today is the time to make a better future.  I just remembered having friends who were somewhat like the Timerangers in personality and had a love interest who kinda looked like Yuuri.

Hyakajuu Sentai Gaoranger- Like Kakeru, I am an animal lover.  I could also relate to Shirogane that I sometimes prefer to be alone than to be with friends, but will be more than willing to join them in.  Like Gaku, I sometimes get upset when the leadership is appointed to somebody I believe is a rookie of sorts.

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger- Although I'm not in the police force but I do have my passion to see such wrongdoers punished which is why a police theme Sentai clicked to me.  Then there was the Ban and Hoji rivalry which I feel more within myself (rivalry between my personality types) and with a few other people where like Hoji I can easily get judgmental over people who are hotblooded.  Tetsu is another character I could relate to, especially with how I once had difficulty fitting in with people I deemed different and I also had to face an unreasonable superior who was kind of like Lisa Teagle (but she was worse).

Gogo Sentai Boukenger- I just felt like that I do have the adventurous spirit that wants to travel from one place to another.  Another one is I love artifacts and used to read archaeological books which the show appealed to me even more.  Eiji Takaoka, I could relate to him in the sense that I'm quite obsessed with dark stuff, I like to chew on raw veggies and I am kind of free spirited at times.  For Sakura, I did meet a girl who looks like her and acts like her, tried going after her and it never worked.

Juken Sentai Gekiranger- Like Dairanger, this story got me because of my love for Chinese mythos.  I would like to say that the Fist Saints all named after my favorite martial artists make me gush in a positive way.  I also felt like that Rio was somebody I could relate to, that is when I'm in the bad mood, I'm not so bad.  As for Long, he does remind me of somebody I know who attempted to manipulate people and in the end, nobody trusted him anymore.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger- For this series, well perhaps it just blasts me back to my childhood in unexpected ways from Maskman down to watching MMPR for some time.  Enough of that- I just thought of this over.  Like Takeru I can prefer to be alone, refusing help from others and choosing to help others instead and I do remember having a childhood friend like Genta.  Or another, I could remember how like Ryunosuke I could end up annoying others at times or have the hammy overreacting with certain situations.  With Chiaki, I can also be a slacker.  I also remembered meeting a girl who is like Mako, pretty, sexy and a HORRIBLE COOK.  Yikes and to think of it, she did become my love interest once and this can go again but somehow her kind heartedness will make me overlook her weaknesses. :P

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger- I could relate to Marvelous for a love of trips, to Doc for sometimes being too careful (a personality in me that sometimes annoys me), to Luka for being attracted to shiny stuff and to that of Gai Ikari, my passion for Super Sentai heroes.

This is all for now.  Entry will be updated anytime.


  1. Man, this blog is more then reviews. It's exploration of characters and situations. You and I are close to some of the series. From Maskman-Turborangers, Dairangers-Kakurangers, Megarangers, Boukengers and Shinkengers. Some if not all the Sentai Members I can relate and also I wish I had some of their personalities.
    But mostly I have in common with Liveman's Jou, Junichi,and Tetsuya as each one of there quirks is similiar to mine. Dairanger's Kazu I want to be as he is the snappy dresser, always stay calm and is a babe magnet.Kakuranger's Saizo, Sekai and Jiraiya also share the same personality quirks as I do. And finally Boukenger's Masumi and Eiji, I can relate to the rebellious and free spirited nature that I am not really with the team.

    Though a subject that you must have written but not really get into. I also mimic the civilian outfits that the guys wear.It all started in Highschool and with no job or money I tried my best to look stylish and unique. Maskman's Takeru was the hardest as I could not find a red Blazer. Liveman's Jyo both his fall and summer outfit I did.Turbo Rangers, Riki Honoo was hard as I needed a Red race jacket.
    Dairanger's Daigo I managed to do with his 1st and second outfit he wore in the series. Except Saskai's thermo's in daisy dukes shorts, Seizo, Sekai and Jiraiya I blended to my outfit. Even as Highschool and College is over Shinkenger is a fresh style wear the Rangers do not wear the civilian uniform jackets as introduced in GoGo V. Takeru Shiba,Chiaki Tani,Ryunosuke Ikenami especiallyI try to mimic.


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