Sentai Revelations That The Audience Knew Before the Rangers

Well I just thought that there were Super Sentai revelations that were known by the audiences before the rangers ever knew them.  Here are the following as far as I can remember so don't hesitate to tell me where I'm wrong with this list:

Igam's "gender crisis" that is she is a woman pretending to be a man.  The audience knows from the first episode or for some, her childhood flashbacks that she is a woman.  WTF Maskmen?  Can't you see she is really a she?! :P

Emperor Zeba not being human was a secret that started to go around the series before the Maskmen knew of his hair-raising secret- foreshadowing on the obvious.  Seriously one can see that he is really a legendary monster and various episodes foreshadowed it to the viewers.

Bias' ultimate aim and that he was an old man.  The audience got to learn that Bias was really an old man who used artificial means to extend his life though it was revealed way later.

Ragorn's return after he was supposedly killed.  The Turborangers had no idea that they haven't permanently defeated Ragorn in Turboranger episode 39 entitled "The 'End' of Ragorn" but the ending tells us he's not permanently destroyed.

In Jetman, we have Rie Aoi becoming Maria.  I just thought that the audience knew about it before Ryu ever did.  Poor Ryu.

Radiguet being Raguem.  In the near final episodes of Jetman, we see Radiguet had a power surge and go monster, we know that he is Raguem but the Jetmen didn't know of it UNTIL the final battle.  Also the audience knows Radiguet did survive a number of times while the Jetman didn't.

The fact that Tranza survived the Jet Bazooka blast.  Like Juuza, he did survive.  I just thought that it was a pretty feel good incident to see Radiguet prolong Tranza's suffering and all. Hmmm I guess Tranza might have died after Jetman if we don't count the Manga at all.

Kou's revelation as Kiba Ranger was known by the audience before the Dairangers did.  Also the revelation that he was somehow connected to Gorma was first known to the audience before the Dairangers did too.  Also we later discover he is Akumaro's twin and Shaddam's son but I wonder if the Dairangers soon figured that out. =P

Exhaus being the overall big bad.

Shaddam's plan to overthrow the emperor.  The Dairangers had little or no knowledge of it.  In fact, they only knew of it when the emperor was finally destroyed.

Ryuuya being the manipulator of the events.  I just thought that the Timerangers didn't know he was doing it. The audience knew of it first but of course, late in the series.

Abrella being the main villain.  The audience discover Abrella's presence even before the Dekarangers did.

In Boukenger, we had the history of Gai and Rei with Eiji known to the audience first before the Boukengers knew of their feud.

Long's secret activities like manipulating the Gen Juken Academy behind the scenes are not very secret to the audience.