The Better Second in Commands

There were times when a second in command was better than the red leader. They are:
Kenta/Black Mask- I think he's a better leader than Takeru/Red Mask being more down to earth with the others.
Junichi Yamagata/Black Turbo- He was more reliable in leading the Turborangers than Riki Honoo/Red Turbo was. He is far more patient and calm and plans things ahead most of the time. He is very systematic in his battle plans too.
Kouichiro Endou/Mega Black- He is the better second in command being concerned about his duties above that of Kenta Date/Mega Red.
Gaku Washio/Gao Yellow- He is far more professional than his leader Kakeru Shishi being a professional air force pilot.
Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue- I find him to be having the personality of a typical sentai red leader who seems rough but has a good heart. He is the "tragic ranger" of the group thus I think the blue signifies it. I find him even more noble than Sky in Power Rangers SPD. At least he doesn't treat Sen like the way Sky does to Bridge even if he disliked Ban replacing Gyoku Rou as Dekared :-P or even attempt to become te red ranger himself.


  1. hey, I know this has nothing to do with the post, but I wasn't sure where else to let you know about this. Check this out:

    The actor to Kyousuke (Red Racer) and the actress to Umeko (DekaPink) are getting married! The wedding is scheduled to be on December 4th!

    Too bad for Umeko lovers. She ain't single anymore. =P

    Umeko's actress is 25 years old. And Kyousuke's actor is 39 years old.

    Zonette is going to be jealous. =P

    Quite interesting that it turned out to be a "Red plus Pink" pairing. Like how it's done in the shows.

  2. Hey, wasn't Kouichiro/MegaBlack the functioning leader of the Megarangers?

    (at least, that's what I've heard)

  3. hahahaha! i thought blade is her boyfriend, but i guess not anymore!

  4. me also heard that Endou is the actual leader of Megaranger, same as Big One in JAKQ and Tsuruhime in Kakuranger where the leader of the team is not red....

  5. interesting how non of them were green senshi.

  6. Have you notice that Sean didn't sumbit a new post? It has been 10 days since he didn't update his blog!


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