Some Wizard of Oz Influence on Super Sentai

I think Super Sentai has some Wizard of Oz influence. Here are some of them:
Barza's role in Zyuranger is almost like the "Wizard of Oz." However he has no guise whatsoever.
The wicked witch Bandora of Zyuranger would be the wicked witch of the west. However water doesn't destroy her. The conflict between her and Barza is similar between the witch and the wizard in later adaptations.
Bandora's feared general Griforther is a winged ape-like monster. He almost represents the leader of the winged monkeys, depicted to be serving the wicked witch of the west full time in some incarnations.
Takku the mechanical owl may be inspired by Glinda's owl which appeared in some adaptations.
Soga Machiko's last role before her death was as Magiel. Okay she's not Bandora nor a sister of Bandora. However she is seemingly inspired by the enchantress Glinda who gave Dorothy the ruby slippers.
Mr. Voice appearing as a rather intimidating character in Boukenger is actually nothing more than somebody controlling this character. In fact, "Mr." Voice is really a facade by Leon Giordana's supposed descendant Leona.
Boukenger's "seventh member" Zubaan is apparently based on the Tin Man of the Wizard of Oz.


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