Sentai Alumni Marriages in the Past

So far here are what I know of Sentai alumi marriages. I just posted my favorite Jetman couple Ryu Tendo and Kaori Rokumekan as the heading. I really voted for them to be together maybe because my Ryosuke Umezo look-alike rival liked Guy Yuuki. :-P

Here are some of them:

Yuko Asuka, the woman who played as Farrah in Bioman married Hikaru Kurosaki of Jaspion fame. They met in episodes 35-36 where Hikaru Kurosaki appeared as an impulsive young man she deceived into becoming a nega magnetic soldier.

Kotaro Tanaka and Rika Kishida of Jetman fame got married (but some sources say it's false and that both married somebody else).

Reiko Chiba who played Mei in Zyuranger is married to Tetsuhito Kirihara who is not an actor.

Shiro Izumi is married and has one son. He is currently doing business and living a private life.


  1. Mika Katsumura (TimePink) married Yusuke Tomoi (Kamen Rider Gills) in 2006 and they had a kid. They divorced in 2008, tough.

  2. additonal:

    ryohei kobayashi ( five black) and keiko hayase (five yellow)


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