Ryu Tendo's Wacky Grandmother

I was honestly thinking Jetman episode seven is just too much. A sentai grandma in battle? Hmmm that's something too much. I wonder why the gimmick was never used again. Still, I can't help but want to write a tribute to Ryu Tendo's grandmother- a loving, caring but can be over the boarder annoying. She reminds me of my old teacher who hasn't retired despite the fact she's already 81 years old!

The character appeared seeking for her grandson Ryu Tendo hoping to give him to marriage but of course, she doesn't know that he is the red ranger of the Jetman team. She had offered him one girl after the other but to no success- Ryu Tendo after losing Rie Aoi seems to have become a shy bachelor by that time. Of course, Guy Yuki wanted to take advantage of it to get Kaori Rokumekan for himself.

Actually she did discover of their ranger identities and objected to Ryu Tendo being the red ranger which of course, something Ryu Tendo couldn't do. She however ended up participating in battle reflecting Mirror Jigen's rays back at the monster before leaving her apparently favorite grandson to finish the battle. It was a dangerous act- something that could have killed her but her knowledge in martial arts seemed to work.

The last we saw of her was where she attempted to have Ryu Tendo marry another woman after the one she proposed to him namely Emiko ran off. Once again, Ryu Tendo tries to avoid his grandmother who by the way didn't see him for a long time. We can assume that Ryu Tendo lived in the city while she lived in the countryside and may only visited her when he had the time.

However at the end of the series, nothing is known about her whereabouts but I assume she must have been there during the wedding or would have died. But if she died, why don't we have a single episode Ryu Tendo visiting his grandmother's grave?


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