The Fate of These Boukenger Villains

Boukenger was a series that was great for me. However there have been quite some things about the bad guys left to fan speculation like:

How did Gaja ever survive the final battle? Is he really undead or what? Is he dead for good? Probably without the Gordom Heart, he can't resurrect anymore. Just a hypothesis.

Ryuon lost his powers as a dragon-human artificial hybrid. Did he survive or did he die? It seems he died. If he escaped, he might be a thug by now.

How did Gaku ever survive the final blow done against him by the Boukengers? So how does Dark Shadow operate now that they are apparently depowered?
And of Shizuka- will she fall for Bouken Blue?


  1. Well, from how I view sentai, sentai's stories revolve around specific story themes. (I believe since Dynaman)
    Some examples: Maskman: Forbidden Love.
    Liveman: Revenge, Betrayal, and Redemption.
    Dairanger: Parent/child dynamics.
    Gingaman: To protect the planet.
    Timeranger: Even if you can't change your destinies, you can always change tomorrow.
    Gaoranger: Friendship, protecting life and the eco-system.
    Abaranger: The lust for power and power corrupting.
    Magiranger: Courage and family.
    Boukenger: Finding what is truly precious.
    Gekiranger: Choosing one's path.

    Seeing as how Boukenger's story theme was about "Finding what is truly precious," and seeing as how that story completely wrapped up, now what? Well, Gaja now understands that humans can be "precious." But regardless, he'll one day take advantage of that. For future adventurers.

    Ryuuon, well... Akashi really impacted his mind when he revealed that Ryuuon was human this whole time. How he thirsted for precious, thus making him human by default.

    As for Gekkou and Shizuka, they are just going to continue adventuring, searching for precious. Much like the Boukengers. With the story wrapped up, what's left to do? Answer: To adventure and take life to the fullest.
    Gekkou seems to be doing fine. And who knows? Maybe during one of these adventures, Shizuka really will end up falling for Souta. :)
    These were elements which let me believe that Boukenger was such an awesome season.


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