Banban Akaza to Hoji Tomasu: To Aibou or Not Aibou?

Okay I've done an analysis on Red Hawk and Black Condor as well as Bouken Red and Bouken Black. Okay let's think about it that Banban Akaza is an unlikely red ranger and Hoji Tomasu is a better second in command (that is when Gyoku Rou of the Leon Star the leader he looked up to got injured and was replaced by Banban Akaza).

The fact is the two didn't get along. Why? Well Banban Akaza was just too hyperactive to lead and Hoji Tomasu felt that Gyoku Rou was a better leader. In fact, Hoji Tomasu decided to get all arrogant with Banban Akaza because he felt insulted at how he had to get orders from a delinquent. So there the battle began.

Of course it wasn't easy because Hoji Tomasu always didn't like the idea of partnering with the new Deka Red. Well that's because Gyoku Rou was a better leader in his head. So the two had to adjust to each other and with Hoji Tomasu being professional tried his best not to clash against Banban Akaza or Doggie Cruger.

But then, it was a matter that Hoji Tomasu swallows his pride and Banban Akaza had a hard time doing so. At times, Hoji Tomasu got too arrogant. Who can remember the time he wasn't able to get over it that he wasn't able to save the real alien girl who migrated to Earth? It took some snapping out by Banban Akaza to get him out of his "baby moment" which of course he did. Hoji Tomasu chose to be less expressive than Banban Akaza was but of course, it's revealed as the series goes on how much of a nice guy Hoji Tomasu is because even if he didn't like Banban Akaza, he always remain dignified on the issue and didn't look down at the others for clashing with his opinions. At least though, Banban Akaza didn't just sit down idly while everybody did the obstacle course.

However along the way, the two began to adjust to each other as Banban Akaza matured throughout the show in dealing with different Alienizers. In fact, Hoji Tomasu ended up calling Banban Akaza "aibou" or "partner" after they had defeated the evil Aburera. It was then when Banban Akaza got promoted to fire squad. In the Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie (whether its canon or it is fan-based) again, the rivalry rose up for awhile.

Comment: I find them more tolerable than Jack and Sky in Power Rangers SPD.


  1. WAY MORE TOLERABLE than Jack and Sky.
    Sky is a spoiled brat. He wanted to be Red and he got it.


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