Ragorn: The Twice-Lived Emperor

I think Ragorn is among those villains that deserves tribute this Halloween. It's almost that day and I think this guy deserves to be in the spotlight.

Okay what's the big deal with him? He is the emperor of the Hundred Violent Demons. He was first seen in episode two (or three if you count the tribute as an episode). He can be seen frequently at war with ordinary humans and he can go as mad as to even wish to eat human dumplings during the earlier episodes. And when he gets angered, he would smack anyone down even his trusted adviser Professor Rehda (who I may spotlight next month).

The fact is is anger is so great that his minions greatly fear him. For some reason, he was infuriated with Jarmin and Zulten the most. At one point of his anger, he was however appeased when Zimba decided to protect Jarmin from Ragorn's wrath. But when Zimba died, he threw his wrath at Jarmin and sent her to her death. When he got angry, he sent Rehda to destroy the Turborangers with his extremely powerful Chomajin Boma which he believed would succeed. But when they were both destroyed as Rehda was killed by Red Turbo, he punished Zulten but decided to keep the dumb guy around anyway.

He soon went into a treacherous alliance with the Nagare Bouma after his three generals died. Little did he realize the plan of the two to overthrow him. He was soon pit against Red Turbo in which both had a rather long and awesome duel. After a desperate battle, Red Turbo ended up wounding him but he survived anyway. He grew angry and decided to have his revenge against the Nagare Bouma for the treachery. However the Turborangers were able to defeat him with the Super Turbo Builder but it wasn't the last of him.

His spirit lingered on hoping to have another body. Fortunately for him the cowardly Zulten was able to gather enough negative energy for him to return. He decided it was time to finally take over the Earth and he fought the Turborangers one last time. As he decided to get even, he was ironically destroyed for good by the Super Turbo Robo which however leaves no explanation why.


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