Sentai vs. Supernatural Enemies

The fact is Sentai did also fight against some witchcraft casting enemies. I would like to show how they did fight against them as well.
The Maskmen fought against Zeba a powerful sorcerer who was also an underground monster. They used science and their aura power within to battle these forces.
Turboranger combined science and fairy magic to battle agaist the Hundred Violent Demon Tribe led by Ragorn who also used the same type of tactics. The enemies did also involve half-human, half-demon foes in Yamimaru and Kirika.
The Jetmen fought against the Vyram that combined both magic and science. However they are the first team to use purely technology against magic.
The Zyurangers use their own mystical powers against the evil witch Bandora similar to folktales.
The Dairangers used their aura power like the Maskmen did but to a more mystical aspect against the Gorma who used heavy amounts of sorcery in its plans.
The Kakurangers used ninjitsu in their battle against the Youkai forces. Hmmm from Zyuranger to Kakuranger, they all used supernatural abilities.
Gingamen fought against the "Flying Dutchman" type of enemies in the form of Balban with their Ginga powers.
Gogo V was the second set to use purely technology in the fight against the supernatural Saima Clan.
The Gaorangers used the powers in nature against the Orgs, another supernatural enemy of humanity claimed to be born from man's inherent wickedness.
Magiranger was probably inspired by the popularity of Akazukin Cha Cha. They use their "magic" without much words as if it's a natural ability against the Infershia which are also underground people like those in Maskman. The final enemy reminded me too much of Daimaou in Akazukin Cha Cha.
Boukenger used the Precious- some are considered supernatural, others just plain scientific. Well they were mostly relying on modern technology in their battles while having some adapt to "Precious" or items in the past that can surpass modern technology. Gaja used spell casting (and later adopted science), the Questers were cyber oni (think Ramu and Gogu of Jetman turned cyborg), the Dark Shadow used spells and Ryuon himself used Lemurian spells.
Shinkenger is obvious- using fictitious samurai abilities against the same type of enemies in Kakuranger in the form of the Gedoushu.


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