Gaja the Terrifying High Priest

Gaja... the Boukenger's final enemy. In fact, he's one mysterious foe and a rather interesting one.

The fact is he was first released in episode one when Bouken Black arranged the puzzle revealing the Gordom seal which caused him to be released from his sleep. Awakened, he decided it was time to conquer the world and shape it as he saw fit. Apparently he's the only surviving member of pure Gordom blood as maybe some of the Gordom already intermingled with other civilizations thus ending the pure bloodline. Whatever it was- Gaja awakened only to find out he had to deal with the Boukengers.

If that wasn't enough, he met a rival for power in the sadistic Ryuon who was after the Gordom treasures. The two became rivals and sometimes joined forces but in the end, double crossed each other. He also had to deal with the Dark Shadow who he gave some of his Karths to and joined forces with them whenever he had to.

He ended up joining forces with the demonic Ashu namely Gai and Rei whom he converted into the Questers via the Gordom Engine. However a sour note came though when Gai and Rei both flew away with his robot Gajadam and he wasn't able to control the Ashu. Instead, he gave himself more problems to deal with aside from Ryuon. Bad news for him- there were times that the Questers joined forces with Ryuon instead of him.
Perhaps his greatest frustration with the Questers was when he, Ryuon, Yaiba and Shizuka were fooled into gathering the materials to create the Homolculus robot for the Questers. After that betrayal, he was happy to see the Questers defeated by the Boukengers after a tough battle. Going crazy, he decided to absorb whatever Precious he could to become "godlike" and even embedded himself with the Gordom engines. He became terrifying powerful that it seemed like the end of the world.
However he only had the Gordom Heart. Without the Gordom Brain, his body wasn't completed (a different case, most final battles have the enemies at their fullest) and the Boukengers defeated him. Despite the ultimate attack, Gaja reverted back into stone. However without the Gordom Heart, he is apparently unable to revive himself or is it?


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