N-Ma: Infershia's Ruler

N-Ma is obviously a pun on "Yama" although I think it would have been more appropriate to name him as Amatsu Mikaboshi the Japanese god of darkness since Yama, like Hades in Greek mythology is a neutral deity. During the start of the series, he was broken into several pieces like Pangu was and so his minions use a different part of his previous body thus allowing him to take part in battles- Buranken for instance uses his fang in battle.

He was in fact an invisible force that menaced the Magiranger siblings and frequently sought to return. Despite his lack of a physical form, he still was menacing enough as to transform Blagel into Wolzard whose former goodness couldn't be conquered for long in the end. He always had the problem of the Magitopia's energies as long as they were around, he could never assume a physical form.
It was revealed in Stage 34 that he needed the demon energies which he awakened in an octopus-like form- one ready to destroy the Magirangers. However his soul was once again defeated when Wolzard/Blagel took it into himself. As a result, he was once again thwarted but it wasn't the end.
However he wasn't fully defeated. He later revealed his latest, newest body that could absorb all magic around him. He soon attacked Magitopia and the gigantess Magiel (acted by Soga Machiko) and it seemed hopeless. He was about to turn the Earth into a world of despair until that at one part of his dark and gloomy kingdom were some life grew, the Magiranger siblings found hope. Eventually with the power of the family that is the five siblings, the brother-in-law in Magishine and the parents he was defeated for good.


  1. I really like your villain profiles. You should do the go-onger villains.


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