Gokaiger: Girl Power and Family Sentai

Gokaiger 23 is pretty much recalling the family Sentai despite it being a girl power episode... the Gokaigers also learn the power of a family in some way like Gai Ikari treating Ahim like his little sister.  Also, I pretty felt like that espionage missions involving disguising as the opposite gender is just humiliating IMO.

Matsuri Tatsumi is a special guest for this episode with a rather expanded part.  She takes part against Basco despite the fact she doesn't have her powers...

Shout-outs to family-based Sentai...

Ahim and Luka as Five Pink and Five Yellow...

Going to Magiranger but hey, it's a reverse.  Magiyellow as a guy and Magiblue was a girl.  I somehow feel awkward about this.

The Gokaigers as Gogo V...


  1. Matsuri is still beautiful even it's been over 12 years


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