Fighting Racism in Gokaiger?

In Super Sentai, it seems that almost every season features racist villain factions who really hate regular people thus it could be their primary motive.  Actually we've had anti-racist propaganda in Super Sentai but this episode is kind of a "wtf" for me...

I guess this episode may be made to remind the Japanese people that they did suffer from a racist history which is true.  Reading through history books, Japan did have a racist history especially against people under the Japanese colonies.  It was Americanization that opened Japan.  The vendor Noboyuki's mother is against Jerashid from being an apprentice until...

Jerashid took the shot meant for the woman.  They do fall in love to pretty quickly.  I do find it weird how the Zangyacks do fall for humans like Insarn falls for Kyousuke Jinna.  In me, there's something that I'd like to embrace these aliens as "genetically human" despite their appearance because as usual, alien suits in Super Sentai are always obviously fake. :P

They did marry in the end.  In fact, it's stated that she's pregnant.  Oh my.  Honestly, I think she could still be in her 40s considering Noboyuki's age. It was a pretty fast wedding if you ask me.  Wow, imagine you've got an alien for a stepfather. :P


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