Poll Results as of August 2, 2011

Here are the following poll results that I haven't posted.  Sorry.

How do you rate Gokaiger?

277/299 rated it as awesome.
10/277 rated it as average.
12/277 rated it as just okay.

Should Gokaiger be the last Sentai series?

Yes it should be the last only had 20/314 votes.
The rest had 294/314 votes for more Sentai.  

Poll time from Power Rangers Samurai...

How do you rate Power Rangers Samurai?

169/284 says it's a good series.  I suspect trolls here.
53/284 says it's an average series.  I agree with this.
62/284 says it's a bad comeback for Saban.  Operation Overdrive was much worse.

As a Sentai fan, are you still watching Power Rangers Samurai?

220/281 are still watching.  The rest aren't.  I don't know why they're watching this- berate it, praise it?  I don't know their real motive for still watching it.  Me?  Stopped watching it already.


  1. Operation Overdrive was worst than Samurai. However, I hate Samurai much more than Overdrive. With all the things Samurai's favor initially, comeback for Saban and the franchise, a Samurai motif, I really wanted to like this series. Instead it has been total crap. Whereas with Operation Overdrive, it wasn't that surprising that it was bad because it was already following another bad season, Mystic Force.

  2. if you ask me no more to power rangers.. Yes to super sentai

  3. I do not know the reason, but probably if we go by TV Tropes, those who stuck with Samurai's bad start have probably been rewarded with what's called 'Growing The Beard' starting on Deker's backstory and Antonio being a little more different than Genta. But, I dunno. They could be lying.


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