The Evolution of the Sixth Ranger?

I haven't done any evolution discussion so far but looks like I'll talk about how it all came about in my point of view in the midst of facts:

In Bioman episodes 35-36 it was a two parter involving Shota Yamamori who was a protector of nature who fell in love with Jun Yabuki. In those two episodes, Shota tries to join the Biomen resulting in hilarious results, at the same time teaching kids never to imitate what they see on TV. After he realizes he can't join because he doesn't have ANY bio particles whatsoever, he is dejected. He is fooled by Farrah who turns him into the Magne Warrior (under mind control) to which Jun frees him from. Pretty much brainwashed and crazy.

In Maskman, we have X-1 Mask who was pretty much experimental again. This time, he was a senior to the Maskmen and a prototype that Takeru tries to convince them to join but failed to do. He was an anti-hero jerk like Gai Yuki but also in a way emo. Did this guy inspire Burai's creation?

Now the regulars:

Burai was the first official sixth member. Pretty emo, badass and reminds me of X-1 Mask in some way (due to him being a senior Zyuranger) while he also had a bitter past with Geki who was his younger brother. His plot in Zyuranger involved him dying which was pretty sad. Pretty much like take X-1 Mask, let him join the team a little earlier THEN kill him late in the season. He didn't always show up due to his dying state and he needed to stay in the timeless room to prolong his life.

For Kou, I don't know what was in the heads of Toei's producers why they wanted a child ranger or was this Noboru Sugimura's idea. Pretty much, he wasn't even allowed to reveal his identities to the Dairangers at first because of security reasons. Starting off as a pervert, he developed into a real person thanks to Lin and Byakkoshinken. Too bad this idea wasn't explored further in future series. He is also the first white ranger to become the sixth ranger in contrast to Banba who was the fifth in the starting with four team JAKQ.

For Riki in Ohranger, he was most likely in his early teens judging by his height. He's the first black ranger to become a sixth.

Yuusuke Hayakawa like his predecessors didn't appear in the opening credits either. He was more of the unexpected ally but later became more involved as time passed by. He was also the only adult Megaranger as the first five were teenagers.

Hyuga/Bullblack took over the place of the previous Bullblack and became a regular in Gingaman.

Naoto Takizawa in Timeranger is Fantasy Leader's other favorite aside from Burai. As Time Fire he was pretty cool, too bad he died being shot by a Zenitto from a long distance while out of suit. Makes me think "WTF" at first while thinking it's a very bad way to die.

My favorite Gaoranger! Shirogane for me is really one of the better used as he not only appears in the credits but he eventually gets along with the others and henshins with the regular team. Also, his development there is quite good- too bad the chemistry between him and Sae wasn't pushed further but oh well.

I never expected this to happen- a sixth member in Hurricanger? That was Shurikenger. But he was a pretty cool guy even if he has lost his real identity (which I feel pretty WTF about).

Tetsu Aira/Dekabreak at first just appeared as backup but in a short amount of time, he doesn't show up as back-up but as a regularized team member.

A sixth member in a sibling team? That's what I thought of Hikaru/Magishine. Actually in a sense, yes because he became part of them not only as a team but later he became in-laws with the Magiranger siblings.

Eiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver is pretty much active most of the time with the team like Gao Silver was. I still like Gao Silver better though I like him a lot as well with how he was used in Boukenger. For some reason, he does seem to follow Jeffrey Kensaki's hairstyle from the non-canon Jetman Manga.

In Go-onger we had Hiruto as the sixth and Miu as the seventh. Pretty much, they were hostile towards the Go-ongers until they saw the good in each other.

Genta Umemori/Shinken Gold in contrast to his Shinkenger counterparts exists to be more comedic, even funnier than the already hammy Ryunosuke plus he's the only non-samurai.

Gai Ikari/Gokai Silver was the only human aboard the ship of aliens plus for some reason, he really knows all the Super Sentai basic details. He's what I'd call the funny sixth member gotten better.


  1. WOW, now this is my favorite subject and I am going to town with this!!!!

    Bioman- It is ironic that Shota was kidnapped and brainwashed by Ferrah to be a Gears weapon.
    But did she also munipulated Shota to marry her in Real life?

    In Turborangers, their helmets are have automobile designs. Their second robot of Turbo Rugger sports a jet on its' head. Do we see some subtlety here? I guess if there was a actual 6th member for the 1989 team he would be a Jet based. And 20 years later a brother and sister team is aerial based on Go-Ongers.

    Birdman Dan was a brief tease as a possible member, but with another total of 5! The Neo Jetman had that vibe of allies or Bangai heroes. I thought Ikari should have a Neo Jetman key for Sh**s and giggles.
    Those 5 cyborgs did appear in the Keita Amamiya comic story piloting Bird Garuda.

    Megasilver is the 1st for a 6th. He is the 1st to use a cellphone morpher. He is the 1st to wear Silver as if it's the most used color for a 6th Member. He is the 1st 6th member to be really behind the scene as he was the developer of the Megaranger tech. And that also makes him a prototype as well as he would be the 3rd prototype Ranger within the team. The 1st would be X-1 Mask, the 2nd would be King Ranger and the 4th would be Time Fire!

    Black Knight Hyuuga, though there was a episode dedicated to Gingaman and Hyuuga alone in Gokaigers doesn't mean that Black Knight (Kuro Kishi) power should not be in Gokai Silver's powers. Hyuuga has a human alter ego and his back story almost similar to Zyurangers. As a 6th member, he is the 1st to wear a cape, heavily armoured and wields 2 weapons. The 2nd to do so is Magishine.

    GoGo V- Liner Boy is a poor excuse as a 6th member as he makes, Ninjaman, Signalman and Gosei Knight more human. Though it was only a one shot and mistake for not using them as a on going concept. Demon Hunter Sieg (played by a Sentai Alumni too) and Sieg Jeanne should have been kept as surprise highlights.
    Saban did create the Titanium Ranger for U.S. substitution,unfortunately Toei do not claim or own the character for Go GO V alone.

    Gekiranger-with their Robots combining with Geki Touja and one of the two had more connection with the Gekijuken clan. Rio and Melee was close to be 6th and 7th but gave their life to defeat Long. They are the foreshadow for Go-Onger's brother+sister team.

    Genta Uemori/Gai Ikari, are the 1st and only 6th Members to be comic reliefs and one of them do have 2 weapons. I think Gokaigers should have those two meet and we can see them butt heads and they do make good BFFs! Look at them Gold and Silver!!!!!!

    Finally the final analyses...
    My old friend Martin King who also wrote for Antartic Press' Sentai magazine has stated...
    The 6th Ranger is "the Outsider" and for me the perfect 6th Ranger is a Lone Wolf, anti hero who is brooding and almost anti social.

    The quintecential characters in that catagory is Burai-Dragon Ranger; Riki-King Ranger; Naoto Takizawa-Time Fire; Shirogane-Gao Silver; Makoto Nakadai-Abare Killer(I know he is a 5th)Hiroto and Miu-Go on Gold and Silver and Rio-Geki Black.

    Fantasy Leader has stated that 6th member do not make a Sentai series a classic as good plots and writing does the job. And yes they do steal the series and thunder from any of our 5 members.
    Well since 1992 it has been a tradition, highlight and a surprise treat to have these new recruits in the roster. If Super Sentai lives forever, that 6th,7th or 4th and 5th person will still be available!!!!

  2. Maybe I am little too late. The latest issue of Telebi Magazine have a nice preview of Kyoryu Gold and even though last issue had a silhouette of Torin morphing into Kyoryugold and we where fooled.

    Kyoryu Gold is a 400 year old Samurai named Maru Utsusemi. Though very soon, his 1st appearance will be April.

  3. hey how about abarekiller? eventhough he's not a sixth member,he was one of them btw..and you should change the title of this post into extra rangers or something.not all sentai have more than five members..poor abaranger and go-busters


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