Maskman's Two Cannons

Maskman was the first Super Sentai to have a change of equipment.  Here's how it was done:

The first was the Shot Bomber weapon.  I could not understand what that freaking backpack was there for but anyway, I did like this weapon's design a lot.  However Kiros was able to destroy this weapon the first time he appeared with the help of his horse which was really an underground monster.

The Jet Cannon was made to replace the broken Shot Bomber which I think was well-written despite it being an obvious plot to sell another toy.  I was amazed at this weapon's sleeker design plus it could fly, creating a really cool weapon.  I pretty much enjoyed this weapon in its own way.  Too bad this concept hasn't been used ever since- that is the flying cannon.


  1. The Shot Bomber was first used to temporarily destroyed Igua Doggler in MaskMan's first episode. The last monster being destroyed by the Shot Bomber was the Gilga (Jiruga) Doggler in Episode 26. Thief Knight Kiros and Beam Doggler destroyed the Shot Bomber in Episode 27. In Episode 29, the Jet Cannon was first used to temporarily destroyed Deathga (Desuga) Doggler and it lasted until the 51st and final Episode when the Jet Cannon's beam was swallowed up by Emperor Zeba's true form, the Lethal Doggler.

  2. Ah, I remember that moment when for the first time Maskman's Shot Bomber was beaten and ultimately destroyed by Kiros. Back then when I was a kid I was kinda surprise on what happened. You would rarely see heroes ultimately beaten and as a result of replacing their own weapon.


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