The Beastnoids of Bioman

I decided to make a post dedicated to one of the biggest "mysteries" in Super Sentai, the Beastnoids.  I really have my thoughts on these guys...

Just who are these guys?  Well those who've watched Chodenshi Bioman will automatically remember the fact that the show lacked human-sized monsters that were enlarged, rather these five played as the human sized monster of the week that were sent retreating by the Biomen whenever they were damaged by a Bio Electron move.  There was Messerjuu the birdlike monster with laser powers, Psygorn the three-faced psychic with pyrokinesis, Juuoh the de-facto leader for some reason despite his stupidity who only worked with Monster, Mettlzer the stealth warrior with a lot of deceptive tricks making him Farrah's favorite and Aquagaiger the water warrior who's apparently the least competent.  Psygorn happens to be my personal favorite with how badass he can get or how he really gives the Biomen a lot of trouble.

Messerjuu- He is the first Beastnoid to see action and was used by Mason though he was also used by Farrah.  I thought the gargoyle design was pretty cool and it was convenient to have a flying one around.  At one point he worked with Monster though he preferred to work with Farrah and Mason more.  For one, he has at least been butt-kicked by Blue Three three times- episode 9, episode 29 and the movie.  He also had an outstanding rivalry with Red One and was shot once by Yellow Four 2 and Green Two.  He was destroyed in episode 31.

Psygorn- He was personally my favorite Beastnoid though he did look comical at first.  So he was still experimented on to which Big Three commander he was better with.  At first, he was seen with Farrah when Doctor Man wanted to find out who the Biomen were.  In episode 10 when Mika died, he took part in killing her by using his fire bomb attack after the Bio Killer Gun ran out of ammo.  He worked more times with Mason than with Farrah, though Farrah worked with him another time during episode 16 and during the Magne Soldier arc.  During his upgrade, it was fun to see him completely revamped to a whole new badass look of total silver madness with his ability to control vehicles, dangerous fireballs and those electric beams.  I was baffled though to how he was destroyed in episode 50 considering he didn't receive considerable damage compared to Mettlzer and Juuoh.

Juuoh- Well he is really highly comedic and looks like some kind of gorilla robot.  He only worked together with Monster and I don't get it why in the world is he the acting leader of the Beastnoids when this guy is really stupid?  No matter, it was fun to see him and Monster trapped in stupid situations.  My favorite episode of him was when he and Monster caught the Bio Turbo.  During the upgrade arc, he was at first seen a survivor of the Metal Megas attack with Psygorn and Mettlzer though he was disassembled but with parts still intact for reassembly compared to Messerjuu and Aquagaiger.  Upon being rebuilt, he had chest cannons but I thought it wasn't all that cool.  He was severely damaged by Silver and the Biomen which lead to his death in the finale arc.  In fact, all that remained of him was his head during his final days.

Mettlzler- For me this guy was also nightmare fuel but had a few comedic moments.  He was at first seen working with Mason during the episode that mecha humans were invading the town though I bet my money on the fact that Farrah could have done that better.  He was one to use stealth techniques like becoming invisible, turn to slime or even use holograms which makes Farrah like him better.  He was later upgraded with the stretchy arm of his though I wish his whole body could stretch as well or two, you might want to think that the upgraded beam he had was also powerful.  In the finale arc, he tried to stop Silver from reaching Balzion where he was shot with anti-bio particles and when the Super Bio Electron was used at him, he couldn't take too much damage.

Aquagaiger- Well he's pretty cool with his aquatic design and harpoon gun.  He was once deflected by the first Yellow Four though due to the latter's demise, the rivalry wasn't explored.  Every Bioman had the chance to face him personally but ironically not Blue Three who is also an aquatics expert.  In Bioman episode 14, he had one with Pink Five who kicked his butt two more times later. I thought it was pretty funny to see him retreating back to the base where he begs Doctor Man to repair his broken parts but ended up choking on his bubbles.  He bit the dust so soon together with Messerjuu.

Pretty much, the five were reduced to three.  While Messerjuu and Aquagaiger were destroyed with no spare parts, Juuoh was first seen a survivor before he got disassembled into many pieces.  The upgrades were cool for me especially Psygorn's radically new heavy armor design with stronger power, Mettlzer's stretchy limbs and stronger lasers and that of Juuoh's chest cannons.  While it did make sense later that Juuoh and Mettlzer died because they acquired damage from Silver's laser beams, Psygorn's death made no sense whatsoever.

So the concept was later abandoned for some reason, maybe it was found too corny for repetition.  Does anybody have any comments?  Kinda makes me happy if people share their views here.


  1. The Beastnoid looks like villains from Metalder as a matter of fact, Mettzler's suit is painted black and re modified for Top Gunder!

  2. I thought the idea of the beastnoids was an interesting concept (though i'm not too far into bioman right now) Monster and juuoh always made me laugh especially the time him and monster kept getting high off of an electrical thing till dr. man told them knock it off


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