Minor Wishful Thinking for Some Villains

Here's a few villains I had some wishful thinking on designs and in part, casting.  These are just nothimg more than wishful thinking and despite these "flaws" I'd say everything still turned out well:

Zeba- I wish his disguise was made far less obvious, that is rather than an underground monster with a very obvious disguise that he's not at all human, why not make him look more human?  I mean, the mask already could have alarmed suspicious thoughts among Tube but they were all too scared to do so since he's already killed a GOOD NUMBER of opposition against him.  If he had a more human disguise, just think of this... nobody would suspect he was a monster in disguise that he was really the second Lethal Doggler in disguise. I mean, monsters have already disguised themselves as humans with human faces so why not him?  So with that human face, I'd really love to see a freaky revelation that who they think is human was actually a monster disguised as one, ready to crush them all!

Igam- Well everything about her did a good job hiding her identity in her acting (plus some men really do look feminine (word change from effeminate) face-wise while her chest armor does a good job concealing her body shape!) but one... why does she wear high heels if she's supposedly pretending to be a man?  Hmmm... I guess she hates doing that part of her I guess since she's really still a woman at heart nonetheless.

Radiguet- I simply wished he didn't have that ridiculous helmet on him and had that long white hair instead, or that he could be seen smoking a fine rich man's cigar or drinking wine while scheming his evil plot (that is to make him look more "elite" or to add some noble villainy since he was a count), or two that he was made a more subtle villain than an insane ax crazy maniac who literally fires at everyone with little or no reason at all.  But still, his being insane and sadistic made him a loser with unlimited entertainment value.  Only if he learned to plan things against Tranza sooner, Tranza would have fallen down earlier than most of his plans that usually involved just the use of brute force combined with his extreme sadism.  His few moments of cunning included trapping Ryu in a building, killing a weakened Juuza, using the world of the dead against the Jetmen, taking advantage of Ramu and Gogu after he failed to control them (one of the two was severely weakened and he used bio dimensional bugs) and Tranza's downfall.

Shadam- I do agree Rintaro Nishi does a very good job but I wish it were Daisuke Tachi who played him to get that gruff, scary voice and all with that maniacal, sinister smile done more frighteningly plus it could have created a joke that Radiguet and Aya were once married when they're not.  But I'd say Rintaro Nishi still managed to do a very good job after all with Shaddam though I wish he sounded more evil for Dairanger.  But overall, his performance is still worth praising.  I just thought also Shaddam's death at Ryou's hands would be better if he had a mouthful of blood instead of mud and him getting eaten by worms rather than crumbling into dust.

Gorma XV- Well I'm just being crazy here since I thought that maybe the Lord Zedd suit could have been used for the Gorma Emperor's appearance to hint he was revived of sorts to make him creepier, then have him voiced by Takeshi Watanabe to get Ragorn's gruff voice or by any voice actor who can do so.  But still, Munemaru Kouda still did a good job being the emperor.  In fact, he could have been given any dreadful sounding name starting with a Z as a suffix to the term Gorma Emperor like Gorma Emperor Zenodos.  My imagination has the Gorma triumvirate having them wear his ridiculous mask before talking to him at his Chamber of Command which will be flanked by Cotporos, of course he could be one incredibly hateful creature.  Hmmm also his first appearance might be where he presents an apparition of himself in the sky declaring his return to restore the Gorma to glory, raises the Gorma pyramid and then enters into his Chamber of Command.  He has Tenpou has his groveling idiot who'll say, "Certainly you remember me oh great emperor?" while Shaddam can feign loyalty to him.  Well his death can remain the same where he crumbles into dust before Shaddam gets the power.

Despite these factors and yes I have overlooked them, I still love the outcomes of the shows mentioned above. =)

Updated on: March 23, 2013


  1. Your complaints towards Zeba makes no sense at all. There was nothing obvious about his identity at all. In fact, the whole Lethal Doggler thing doesn't come in until much later in the show. And I really don't see what the advantage of him looking more human than monstrous would be. From the looks of it, you just looked at that old Zeba photo and just thought something should've been done with it. Would've been neat. But I don't see any reason to trash on the whole Lethal Doggler plot.

    What are you talking about? Lots of men wear high heels. You're okay with Igam looking effeminate, but you complain about the high heels? It does not matter if a man or woman wears them.

    I don't understand why you want Radiguet to smoke a cigar or drink wine while he plots. That's not Radiguet's character at all. And are you kidding, Radiguet is very cunning! He's not mindlessly crazy as you keep making him out to be! How do you think Radiguet helped defeat Tranza? Radiguet can think. He can plan. He's smart. He's not some helpless creature who's doomed to insanity. Yes, Radiguet is crazy. But not crazy like that! For someone who really loves Radiguet, you can never seem to describe his personality all that well.

    I can understand that there are some little things you'd like to see in these shows, but you're not really explaining why you want any of these at all. Maybe you thought it through in your head. But none of that is really coming across in this blog post.

    1. That's why this is all I can say "wishful thinking" that is petty complaints. =P

      For the Lethal Doggler plot, I didn't want to trash it but I just thought that giving him a more human guise means it'd be a bigger twist that he's not human.

      So men wear high heels? Hmmm I didn't know that. Thanks for pointing that out.

      For Radiguet, there were times he really just goes ax crazy like when he attacked Juuza by himself or two, when he just ordered a Bio Jigen to attack Tranza at first or that his Meteorite BEM was based on pure brute force. Though he does have a cunning side though.

      Well with this in mind, I will update this post with more meat. Just a thought on me learning new ways to defend opinion.

  2. I do have a few that is related to one subject, KILLING THEM TOO SOON!

    In Turborangers, when they offed Jimba, Jarmin, and Doctor Rehda. They watered down the Bouma Power and the Turborangers' effort in the battle. Sure it gave room for Yanimaru and Grilka to developed but I think there is still room for that if the three was still alive and I'd like to see the two love birds get into conflict with the three.

    Gekirangers-With only Rio and Melee is still not enough. The 5 Venoms should have been there for a little longer as there egos grew they would have been pushing the 2 around and it would be cool to see how Rio would counter that.I would have the Venoms stay till the RinJyu Clan would unite with the three masters and Long's appearance then they would be killed off one by one from each Gekirangers.

    Finally Gobusters- Though there is only three villains and they died later within the series.
    I think Messiah could have created more henchman as he have more people absorbed within his matrix. Besides the cannon-fodders and monster of the week. There could be more then Enter and Escape.
    The 5 members and the buddyroids did good but I like to see them put to the test!


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