Singing to Defeat Monsters

I'd like to present the use of singing to defeat the monsters not ever since I read a review on the latest episode of Power Rangers Megaforce.  Here they are:

Yuuma used his horrible singing voice to defeat the Space opera singer Zonos.  This one I could relate to considering I'm pretty tone deaf but this one is on the screechy side.

The Fivemen faced off against Chevalier's Cricket Jin where they eventually sang the Fiveman song to defeat their enemy.  Chevalier revealed he has a very smooth singing voice though I doubt it that it's really Kihachiro Uemara's because the song "Hero" was by Kai Band.  But it was a very cool episode for me overall.

In the case of Eri, it's her cute little voice vs. the rock and roll monster who has a very horrid voice.  It's pretty much a reverse of Yuuma although I think the song is kinda "too generic" for me, like the one that was later used in Power Rangers Megaforce with the same effect of having flowers bloom which I think is pretty silly (but more appropriate with Eri cos she's silly).


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