Best Done Revelations of Heroes and Villains in Super Sentai?

While some Super Sentai secrets were known to the audience first and not to the characters, however some secrets are just too hidden from both characters and audiences until much later or some mid-series.  Like I could name some of them that I thought are in that category:

Dr. Man's origins were what I'd call pretty well written making him still a memorable character.  To be honest, some may have never thought he was actually a human being because of his costume made him look too mechanical.  But it did make some sense behind Shuichi's being his son with his really tragic background that he forcibly turned himself into the world's greatest genius.

Commander Ibuki being an alien.  He was disguising an alien for some time, it's amazing to know he was really an alien who wants to prevent the Earth from being destroyed.

Bazoo as a living planet.  It's pretty much something while you think he's some kind of huge lifeform, you may never expect him to be actually a sentient planet that devours other planets.  So I guess some were shocked at a PLANETARY scale when you learned of this.

The Igam secret and Zeba.  Though hints of Zeba's not being human were slowly unfolded yet the truth behind the Igam family and that both twins must unite to defeat him was very well-guarded not even the viewers would know it until the near finale!  Even Zeba's usurpation was well-written mystery to me!

Bias' real self.  So much, we just think of him as your average big bad in Liveman yet it's not immediately revealed to why he kept grading his officers until we realized he needed at least twelve brains to form the brainwave to rule the world.  Then later the audience but not the Livemen learn he's really an old man.

Why Seelon would choose five teenagers to become Turborangers can be puzzling.  Fortunately we later discovered that they were showered by fairy energies to connect to Seelon choosing them.

The Nagare Bouma and their hatred.  It wasn't really explained much until we realized that Yamimaru was bullied by Zulten or for Kirika, the revelation of who her real parents were was another well-written twist that made sense behind her story and conflict.

The audience was led to believe that the parents of the Fivemen have died.  However later episodes showed hits they could still be alive but not blatantly.  Eventually we discover that their parents were still alive! =)

 I would say the revelation of Vulgyre is too "last minute" and I really am mixed on that but I would dare say, it was pretty much a shock value that Empress Meadow was just an illusion and that the whole Vulgyre ship is a real, live organism or that the Sidon flowers were actually poisonous to him since they came from the very first planet he devoured of life.  Or two, the real Meadow's origins were also for me not that random either though I wonder why would he want to get somebody who's that puny for him?

Bandora's real reason why she hates children so much.  So we see her just as a villain who hates children for NO particular reason at first, however we realize why she was in a very late episode of her past revealed that she was once a queen with a beloved son named Kai, who was killed by a dinosaur and her pact with Dai Satan soon caused a lot of adverse effects on her.  Pretty much, her real reason of attacking children had a better revelation than to that of Professor K or her U.S. counterpart Rita Repulsa.

Master Kaku's being a Gorma who wanted nothing more than peace was a very well hidden secret.

The existence of Daijinryu in Dairanger.  Well, this is one of the best plots in Dairanger ever!  Who knew there was somebody that HUGE trying to maintain balance but can be such a douchebag as to blast half of Japan to convince the fighting to stop?!

The clay Gorma.  It was in fact pretty well-hidden that nobody would expect many of them guys were made of clay even Shaddam in the end was a clay puppet!  Well it does leave us to speculate events like Shaddam used a clay body to cheat death (that's just my wild mass guess!) and while the rest are fake, or that Gara was cloned or that in order for the real Gara to find peace, her evil self must be destroyed, etc. that's just me.  For me, the clay Gorma was a real shocker.

Dr. Hinelar- Actually nobody could figure out what his real master plan was until the climatic episodes though usurpation is already a common thing in writing.

It was Ryuya all along!  At first, he seemed to be a good guy until the audience discovers first and then the Timerangers discover that he was the one who was messing up time MUCH later.

That the "Org Master" was just symbolic?  Well it's a shocker really since I thought one day it would talk, later it's revealed to be nothing more than a symbolic and non-existent deity among the Org Highnesses.

Ryuon's a human being after all.  One way or another, I thought he wasn't human until his origins was finally tackled on in Boukenger revealing how he managed to live for 200 or more years using Lemurian DNA on himself.

Long's real purpose in Gekiranger.  For one, he didn't seem to be the type to become the final villain until later, he himself revealed what he really was doing all this time while pretending to serve Rio he was actually having his own agendas!  Pretty brilliant!

So what's yours?


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