Super Sentai Series I've Enjoyed Superficially (Maybe in Part) for the Girls

Special Police Dekaranger asks, "Do you Sean Akizuki plead guilty or not guilty of attempting to flirt with Jasmine?"


Now moving on, I'll put the Super Sentai series I've enjoyed superficially and I've ranked them by era since as said, flowers wither and flower blooms like soon enough, I'll wither too but some of these older girls may be aging but are still pretty (but not hot, of course time flies!). =P

80s era:

Four.  Bioman- I'll plead guilty I had a crush on Hikaru!

Three.  Liveman- Despite the season being a deeper series, hee hee Megumi cheers up the dark atmosphere for me!  In fact, I'll confess I find her prettier than Nanami!

Two.  Turboranger- Haruna is pretty hot so yeah but the teenagers fighting to save the world theme really appealed to me eventually more than she did!

Top one goes to Maskman- It was all for that childish admiration of Momoko I watched the show before as she was just too hot, at least she's got values to make us look past her pretty face and focus on her inner beauty hee hee. Maskman's better engaging stories did manage to be a good reason for me to watch the show more and enjoy it for what it is.  This was prior to my crush on Kimberly in MMPR... sorry for the off-topic!

90s era:

Two, Megaranger- Hee hee, guilt trip.  Chisato's so damn hot I'll confess I seldom make her the reason why I like Megaranger over PR in Space though other reasons exist like a better storyline and the development of the teenagers.

Top one goes to Dairanger- Lin's just one huge distraction for me that sometimes, I'll admit I rewind Dairanger for her.  Just made me think is her actress half-Caucasian like Perry Margaret Love was in JAKQ?

2000s era:

Six, Timeranger- Oh boy, why does she have to be 1,000 years into the future?  Hee hee, Yuuri for me is one major distraction!   Fortunately Timeranger has a lot of good plots to distract me more.  Now for Spike's top five girls: >_<

Five, Abaranger- It's in a poor excuse for me to want to see more Abaranger all for Ranru.

Four, Boukenger- It was one series that caught my attention and not because of the adventure drive (at first) but because of Sakura?!  Blah, what a stupid reason.  Good thing I learned to enjoy the show for its adventure theme. ^_^

Three, Hurricanger- So yeah, while I tried to be close minded to newer Super Sentai but why in the world does Nanami have to be that hot?  Okay I'll say she's not as pretty as Megumi in Liveman but still, she's freaking hot!

Two, Dekaranger... well I could say it makes it.  Because the first thing that I wanted to check out in this series was freaking hot Jasmine though I would say I grew to like the series for its story value.  But still, why did I check this series out for her? >_<

Top one goes to Shinkenger.  I'll admit that Mako is really pretty much a distraction from making me ignore some of the flaws that Shinkenger had such as the WEAK MIDDLE (because it was all focused on selling toys for children).  If I'm to talk, Mako is too damn hot for me to handle, in fact it's like as if she's half-Caucasian, half-Japanese type of beauty, she's really that hot and sexy, and that really exceeds most of the other girls for me.  In fact, she's so gorgeous it reminds me of my MMPR fanboy days for Kimberly (which I tend to think is an old shame) but to another level.  So hot it burned into my feelings unintentionally not caring about the stomach pills I'll have to eat whenever she prepares the meal >_<.


  1. Funny thing with Liveman, I was into the series for.the drama and gloominess. There was really no girl in Super Sentai I had the thing for till I saw 5 episodes with Megumi Misaaki! I really fell head over heals for her when she performed Spark! Umi E. Life imitating fantasy, my 1st year in High school I saw and fell in love with this junior girl who looks like Megumi Misaaki.

    Ohranger had been a stiff series but it.became more interesting when Riki showed up and Momo Maruo showed the world when she wore a bikini!

    Carranger may have been a hit because of Zonette and I own some of those episode because of her.

    Megaranger was both a great series and seeing Shiburona almost naked made the series my top ten.

    Same with Gekiranger as it guilty pleasure with both action and Melee being very submissive to Rio and walking around with her hips bouncing side to side.


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