Some Interesting Super Sentai Senior Gathering Photos I've Collected Just Yesterday

Here are some amusing Super Sentai senior photos I've found.  Now only if somebody can tell me what they are in...

Kihachiro Uemara in a reunion... and like the fact he made a cameo in Gokaiger!

Masaru Shishido in his Toku-themed bar.

Akito Osuga, the legendary red ranger stuntman Kazuo Nibori, Naoto Ota, Ryosuke Sakamoto and Michiko Makino

Kenji Ohba with Touta Tarumi.  Thank you Kenji Ohba for being Gavan!

Naoya Makoto and Ryosuke Sakamoto.. now both elderly.  Mom and I will want to meet them!

Kenta Satou and Yuuta Mochizuki who in here has gained some weight- funny Austin St. John also gained weight as well.


  1. WOW the last we see of Yuuta Mochizuki was in Kamen Rider J. He was doing stunt work for theater shows. Compared to Austin St. John who is balding and fatter. Yuuta is in better shape. And yes also ironic, Kenta Sato who is Red Turbo also sang for the theme of Zyuranger. It is fitting that the two are together.

  2. naoya makoto and hiroshi miyauchi..
    aren't they look alike when they old...

  3. Cool!! It's nice to see them again. It brings back memories.


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