Super Sentai Villains I Find to be Expert Deceivers

In Super Sentai, villains do get deceptive and here are some of them I consider to be on that category...


Farrah was one to use sneak attacks compared to most of her teammates.  While she did use subtle tactics, she also came with her own series of deceptions used throughout the series making her a dangerous adversary.  Sadly she became pretty standard later on.


She was a master of disguises to which Mei rivaled with her.  Compared to her husband, she preferred to use deception to win.

Lt. Colonel Gara

The fake Gara in herself was a really deceptive minion.  While Farrah sadly became pretty standard, she somewhat remained consistent to what Farrah was meant to be as a villain.  Her tactics usually involve deception as evidenced by the kind of Gorma monsters she chooses or how difficult it is to figure out her deceptive tactics.  In the end, she was a prop of deception herself created by Shaddam which I find ironic.


The head of the Gorma triumvirate, I consider him to be pretty deceptive with how much he really played the puppets.  Most presumably, he hid the fact he was using a clay body to cheat death.  What he did was to revive Zydos and the Gorma Emperor with clay bodies while making a fake Gara to orchestrate his plans for universal domination.  After all, it took a long time before his clay models were exposed and he deceived Gorma XV himself, while pretending to be loyal, he already planned to overthrow his master from the VERY start compared to Mason's rebelling against Dr. Man because of a sudden revelation.


This SOB was a master deceiver.  When you meet him, he seems to be a nice person yet he was the one behind almost every bad thing that happened in his series.  While pretending to be nice to Rio and Mele, he was in fact only using them for his selfish means.


While he pretended to be loyal to Doukoku, in reality he was manipulating everyone around him to get his wishes.  He also manipulated Dayu and Juzo as well.


Compared to the Zangyack, he's a real deceiver who knows how to manipulate people.  While pretending to be friends with Marvelous, he was really seeking to get the Greatest Treasure for himself.  Also, he's known to play real mean tricks and double-cross people for his own convenience, making it very hard to know what he'll do next.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. There is also Shibolena from Megaranger as well.

  2. All villains from megaranger(except Yugande).


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