Some Maskman Dub Differences

Well Maskman was my childhood Super Sentai and I'd like to write on the Filipino dub differences.  Here are they:

The names of the Maskmen in the Filipino dub are Michael Joe (Takeru/Red Mask), Leonard (Kenta/Black Mask), Adrian (Akira/Blue Mask), Eloisa (Haruka/Yellow Mask) and Mary Rose (Momoko/Pink Mask). The name of Sanjoru Sugata was changed to Samuel Sugata as well.  To remain consistent, surface world dwellers were given English names as well.

The Great Five's equipment had some name changes.  The Photon Riser Sword was called "Mega Laser Blade" with its finisher renamed from "Aura Final Burst" to "Victory Blow" and the Five Shield was renamed to "Bio Shield".

Now for the bad guys there were some few changes.  The name of Prince Igam was changed to Princess Igamu, the name of Baraba was changed to Dargan, the name of Oyobur was changed to Vulco and the name of Anagbas was changed to Arabus.  What I find weird is how the dubbers overlooked the real situation that Princess Igam was called as Prince Igam, as a woman pretending to be a man because she was raised to be a man.

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