Some Unusual Ways of How Super Sentai Teams Get Formed

I just thought I might write an entry of most unusual ways of how Super Sentai teams could get together.  Here are they:

The Biomen

I just find this weird why Peebo would at first shower five individuals in the past exactly 500 years ago with Bio particles and later gather their descendants like action figures.  Seriously I can't blame Mika for not wanting to join the team at first due to being freaked out.

The Jetmen

Okay Skybase was really looking for qualified soldiers and Ryu Tendo and Rie were chosen to be the first two Jetmen but when Radiguet blew off the space station, the Birdonic Waves began to scatter and hit random four people- a lone wolf named Gai Yuki, a farmer named Raita, a rich girl named Kaori and a cheery teenager named Ako.  Seriously, these four guys never dreamed they would be under Ryu's leadership nor that they would save the world!  Hee hee and Gai Yuki was the hesitant hero as well.

The Megarangers

Just my thought that the beginning is pretty one of the unusual ways a Super Sentai team gets formed.  First the INET wanted to use the Megaranger arcade came to get recruits and there goes Kenta Date a slacker who becomes the RED RANGER.  Then other four teenagers who wants to check out the INET Base, they are at first thrown out by Professor Kubota but later, the five become the Megarangers.  I find it pretty funny if you ask me but all's well that end's well for these guys.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. I think that's why I liked Bioman and Jetman so much most of these were not people you expect to see as sentai warriors.

  2. Forgetting Timeranger? They were randomly pick by Ryuuya and They suddenly took Tatsuya as TimeRed.

  3. I would count Go-Onger, Shinkenger, Gaoranger, and maybe Dekaranger of Gekiranger


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