Turboranger Mecha Analysis

For Kosoku Sentai Turboranger, the mecha simply may have begun a trend that carried itself into other Super Sentai series despite the initial flaws that it displayed.  I just thought fairies x magic may have inspired also the mecha in Carranger considering that both are automobile themed, Carranger was more so although I like Turboranger more.  Now here's what I think about the mecha...

The Turbo Machines- Well I did think that it fit with the automobile theme quite consistently.  My personal favoritge had to be the Turbo GT which for some reason had the 'flight mode' going on.  Hee hee.  As for the Turbo Truck, now it looks more like an industrial truck.  As for the Turbo Wagon, Turbo Jeep and Turbo Buggy they appear to be civilian vehicles.

The Turbo Robo- Well it became another robot after the Bio Robo to have more than one finishing move.  There was the dashing slash attack, the other was where it had the Turbo Crash attack or it could use the twin cannons (which are from the Turbo Truck) to sometimes finish off an enemy.   I thought it was pretty cool to see it dash around although I do find it funny how it could walk normally without slipping considering the feet are like rollerblades. :P  It did get some important plot development when an enlarged Zimba temporarily defeated it and it was later restored fully so the Turbo Robo and Turbo Rugger can combine into the Super Turbo Robo.

The Turbo Rugger- I thought that while it was pretty inconsistent to have a jet fighter called the Rugger Fighter in this show, it was pretty cool in some ways.  The Turbo Rugger (robot mode) in itself was a football themed robot and I thought it had its own development too.  Daichi got some parts in the Turbo Truck to get the necessary parts to be used to complete it.  It was used first to defeat Jarmin in her monster form (while her human body was destroyed).

The Super Turbo Robo- The combination in itself was quite bulky, for me faulty and yet amazing how the Turborangers timed this gestalt of power so well that they were able to aim the Super Mirage Laser directly at the enemy.  I mean I don't think this could walk seeing that it never walked in show.  Eventually later combinations of five piece mecha plus one were later fixed.  While it wasn't able to beat Ragorn the first round, ironically it defeated the revived Ragorn the second round.

The Turbo Builder- This was the base of the Turborangers' mecha which I find awesome because it could go into robot mode.  In episode 39, it was revealed it could combine with the Super Turbo Robo to become the Super Turbo Builder, which the Super Turbo Robo docks in presumably through teleportation.  This didn't transport anywhere but I assume it could change directions.  Somehow the design flaws were later fixed with Fiveman's Max Magma and Ohrangers' King Pyramider Battle Formation.  I just love those lasers too.


  1. Turboranger robots are original and awesome with no flaws. Turbo Robo just look cool, it has those Dairugger XV feet and similiar aspect as Menasor of Decepticon. I always want to the two robotfight.Turbo Robo was there everyday weapon and it displayed both power an vulnerability. Turbo Robo for me is the the original for runner of it's clone of RV Robo or Engine Oh and looks way cooler then any if those two. Turbo Rugger was the second robot that walked away from the truck them and into the jet them that would follow for another 2 years. Also if noticed, Ruggers head has a mini jet design on its head making innotation that it was and could be a 6th Ranger a reflection if the other 5 ranger helmets. Last but not least Turbo builder is both the 1st 3rd robot and 1st fortress themed mecha. It reminds me too much like Metroplex and is my favorite robot. Turbo Mechas roll!


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