Bioman Mecha Analysis

I just thought it's PRETTY MEAN of me to forget making an analysis of one of my childhood Super Sentai robots.  Now on to analyzing the mecha of Chodenshi Bioman...

The Bio Dragon- I pretty thought it's a pretty simple design to carry the mecha though I always wondered why flying fortresses existed in Super Sentai.  Can anybody share their thoughts?

The Bio Jets 1 and 1- The designs are pretty cool actually.  I also enjoy the song that goes along with them as they are launched.  Now Gattai Hyper Cross (Bio Integrate) into...

The Bio Robo- I pretty thought that the robot in itself having multiple sword finishers was a cool idea.  I really did care less about the stay in your own cockpit design.  It was sent by the Planet Bio's people to Earth to protect it, somehow it didn't awaken until the rise of Dr. Man (hee hee) so perhaps the Biomen were aware of Dr. Man's rise in the near future.  My favorite part of it was when the Biomen attempted to charge the Super Mazer when Dr. Man was intensifying his war efforts.  Eventually we discover the link between Peebo and his mission with the Bio Robo.


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