Super Sentai Rangers' Development I Find Very Well-Written

Well for Super Sentai while some rangers are "pretty standard" but here are some I just enjoyed viewing their development for some reasons...

Jun Yabuki/Yellow Four 2- While treated as a "shadow" to Mika Koizumi due to sudden replacement but her development was really well-written.  While starting off as a pretty childish character, she matures throughout the series evidenced by her change in outfit and her chemistry with Shiro Gou.  I find her whole episode of choosing archery and being a Bioman to be where her development kicked off and made her a fully shaped Bioman.

Takeru/Red Mask- Well I just thought that his love story with Ial was an interesting backstory and seeing how it could cloud his judgment proved he was simply human.  With love as his motivation, then again forbidden love if that's what Igam calls it.  I thought his rivalries with Igam and Kiros were pretty well-written arcs especially with Ial involved- Igam doesn't approve of the relationship and Kiros wants Ial.  And it was really nice to know he would never hit a woman when he knew Igam was a woman.

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo- Okay he's not very typically your red ranger as he's irresponsible with his studies yet he's a trustworthy friend.  Odd combination yet it happens in real life.  What I like about him is how being a Turboranger managed to mold his personality for the better like when he defeated both Rehda and Ragorn in one on one battles mid-series or how his conflict with Yamimaru changed him for the better.  It was also fun seeing Miss Yamaguchi's concern for his well-being which he does eventually respond.

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk- For starters, I just thought that the flaws the writer put into him just makes him so human.  While appearing tough and professional, he was loving a shadow which led him to a moment of temporary insanity when he discovered that his supposedly dead girlfriend Rie had become Maria.  The reverse of his principles did happen like when he soon deluded himself to be still with his beloved Rie or when later, Rie became an obstacle to his character.  Showing much of his pluses and minuses especially when he was vengeance ridden to kill Radiguet was really well-written.

Gai Yuki/Black Condor- The first Gai!  Well while he was just a bum, a loner of sorts and a gambler but one day he became the "live adaptation of Joe the Condor".  So he refuses to join the Jetmen at first and has at times attempted to leave the team or wanted to leave it.  As a loner, he tried to die alone when Juuza's spell succumbed over him.  However it was pretty disappointing for him to see Ryu fall apart (Ryu realized Maria was Rie all along and went insane thinking about it) and his sense of leadership did awaken.  He has quite a number of times had close to death encounters which foreshadowed his eventual death as confirmed in Gokaiger 28.  My favorite part was when he and Ryu though they started off as rivals with their power struggles to Kaori getting involved, to how they became the best of buddies until the end of his life.  As a ghost, I thought it was pretty nice to know he would intervene to avoid his friends who are still living from emerging back into battle.  How he managed to fight in the Legend War despite his death is badass.

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow- For starters, while she starts off a just bright and cheery and not to mention money hungry, I just like how she turned down Kaori's offer for money- kinda more of a twist than Kaori joining to escape boredom.  What was also well-written about her is that she becomes an emotional pillar to the group, cheering everybody up.  But behind her cheery facade were the tragedies around her like seeing Pooh-Tan her teddy bear turned into a dimensional monster die in front of her  and two, her interaction with Dan of Dimensia was pretty interesting showing the more serious side of her.  Also her growing concerns of the team's unity managed to mature her from the bubbly character she was at the start.

Kou/Kiba Ranger- While my favorite Ryou Ranger I like him for his badass role, Kou's backstory sets him aside from most Dairangers (background-wise imo) as it lingers around in a nice way.  At first he starts off as a pervert who likes to grope Lin but the Kibadaioh and Lin managed to get him out of his perversity.  Second, I just thought his longing to see his mother was a driving force that kept him interesting and how his rivalry with Akomaru turned out to be a sibling rivalry.  Plus, it just got interesting to know he was actually Shaddam's son a revelation which he may have never know until his father died at the end of the series.

Burai/Dragon Ranger- In just a thought, Burai starting off evil and becoming good even if the villainy focus wasn't that long.  So I really thought his rivalry with Geki was complex due to their blood relationship as brothers and two, he joined forces with the Bandora gang only to try and betray Bandora which failed.  It's better imo than Mikoto's possessed by Dezumorlya or Tommy's under Rita's spell.  Now for more of his development, it was fun to see how he actually used his remaining life force to fight by the side of the Zyurangers until the inevitable reached its course when he gave up the water of life for a boy he saw could die anytime, choosing to die instead and besides, it had no effect on him as he had died once so technically speaking, he's dead twice.

Kenta Date/Mega Red- While he starts off as a lazy student who barely passes and spends more time at the arcade and eating Korean barbeque, he does get better overtime.  What I really like is how his interaction with his groupmates manage to change, his attitude towards studies change overtime.  It was also fun to see how he and Chisato do have their disagreements in some ways which I find funnier than Kouichirou opposing his slacker ways.  The biggest twist has to be how he later became a schoolteacher in the same high school while we never know who he got married to.

Banban Akaza/Deka Red- Okay he's not my top favorite Dekaranger but I find his development more interesting than my other favorites Hoji and Tetsu.  At first, he seems to be just a delinquent but he does show plenty of willpower that makes up for that.  Well he's just a fireball, seemingly unprofessional yet that determination he has throughout the series just makes him a fun to watch person.  Eventually witnessing him not as a hotheaded fireball but as a mature fire squad member makes him a potential high ranking officer in the Special Police Dekaranger.

Masumi Inou- For me, he's probably the most well-rounded Boukenger character with being the jerk with the heart of gold type. Even if he's not really as good as Gai Yuki but I thought his background story with Yaiba of the Darkness was something.  In fact, it was very personal compared to the rest of the Boukengers.  Howe he had his darkness, overcame it and reunited with his team was fun to watch.

Eiji Takaoka- My favorite Boukenger for these reasons- his background as an Ashu Hunter and his rivalry with the Questers.  I thought that his rivalry with Quester Gai and two, him being actually a "live version" of Green Eagle from the Manga is something.  I thought his backstory that he is half-Ashu, half-human and how he actually had his conflicts with the Questers was fun to watch.

Takeru Shiba- While he starts off as a pretty aloof character, however he and his fellow members do give him some reasons to emerge.  He has potential chemistry with Mako and to some extent Kotoha (but she has it also with Chiaki), he manages to shape Chiaki up in some way and Ryunosuke's loyalty to him was somewhat funny.  Well one has to wonder at certain things he does like leaving the mansion all of a sudden and all, which hinted to the twist he was hired to be a decoy and shadow warrior to hide and protect the true Shiba head, Kaoru and his eventual "adoption" to allow him to continue as red ranger.  Also his interaction with Kaoru prior to adoption was also fun to watch, seeing he was truly loyal to their cause.

Captain Marvelous- Okay he's not my top favorite Gokaiger but I'd say he's pretty well-written especially how he as captain, manages to learn of things greater than the treasures of the universe.  I liked how he was interwoven into the backgrounds of Basco and Aka Red.  So at first, he's just after treasure but not in a villainous way, I also like how he's a jerk with a heart of gold in some ways and his on-screen supposed chemistry with Luka was oh so fun to watch.  What I find was really intense was his relationship with Basco especially they used to trust each other then Basco stabs him at the back and how his battle with Basco was just pretty dramatic to the very end.

Luka Millfy- Okay she's another of those "rebel girls" like Mika and Natsumi, but it was also fun to see how she changes her course from greed to selflessness as the series progressed.  I just thought that compared to the other Gokaigers, she really lived quite a tough life, seeing her younger sister die and how she became quite vengeful to the Zangyack.  What was fun to see was her chemistry with Marvelous, while she opposed him at times, she did learn to get along with him as the series progressed.

Now share your opinions too!  I'm sure you all have your views and Fantasy Leader, Chris X, Mr. Smith and ThatChick could add much useful information as well.


  1. You forget characters such as Daigo, Jiraiya, Gou Fukumi and Joe Gibken.


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