Villains I Thought Were Very Well-Written

Here are a list of Super Sentai villains I thought were very well-written and my reasons why:

Dr. Man- I would find him to be unique for this reason- while he was the big bad of the show with all his whining that "I should be the leader of the world." nonsense, he does have his inner conflicts especially that we discover he was really "once a man".  What I pretty thought of his backstory with his son Shuichi helped develop a powerful conflict with him- his remaining humanity vs. his selfish ambitions which worked its way until his death where his humanity soon resurfaced.

Buuba- He starts off as a pirate who joins the Gozma but later rejects Gozma's cowardly ways.  His rivalry with Tsurugi was honorable at best.  While he clashed with the Changemen, he refused to use cowardly methods.  In the end, he really did one redeeming deed by setting Shiima free from her mind control (but made her look dead) to which he and Change Dragon had a final duel so he can die a warrior's death and to atone for all the wrongs he did.

Ahames- Although she does exist to be the most cruel member of Gozma in Changeman yet she in herself was very loyal to her planet, to which she could be a "lawful evil" per se.  While she didn't care what would happen to Shiima, she did care to what would happen for her people and I ended up pitying her when she died even if she caused that much trouble in the show.

Kiros- For all the Maskman villains, I thought his plotline is more well-written than Zeba's foreshadowing.  He appears to be one incredibly annoying menace to the Maskmen and that he actually searches for treasure, only to find himself deeply attracted to Ial's beauty.  That lust for Ial manages to deliver him to a single direction- obtaining the girl he thinks exceeded the others and it motivates him to hate Takeru/Red Mask all the more.  In fact, his greed always got the best of him and his conflict with both Maskman and Tube made him a really noteworthy character.

Yamimaru and Kirika- Compared to the three villains that were killed off or to Zulten, the Nagare Bouma really had an interesting story like how Yamimaru transitions for nuisance villain to Ragorn's servant, to temporary main villain and later meets redemption.  Kirika in herself was also interesting with how her hatred from being bullied fueled her until she met her true father.  Throughout their tenure, they were not really that evil and they became evil out of being misunderstood.

Radiguet- Well compared to Tranza, I find him really well-written.  Why?  Aside from probably being the first to bear unusual amounts of insanity and sadism, he did have every chance to redeem himself yet he chose to remain the evil Vyram officer he is.  I just thought that it's hardly standard for any Super Sentai villain to fall for some random drifter in space and develop an attachment to it- in his case Maria.

Gure- Compared to the rest of the Vyram, it's interesting to see how a complete machine like him could develop human-like emotions like having a taste in wine and cigarettes.  Of course, the other one is his honorable rivalry with Gai Yuki which is pretty much like the Tsurugi vs. Buuba type, an honorable one at best.  Compared to the other Vyram, he has a very high sense of honor indeed.

Maria- For me, everything about this story was tragic and well-written.  While it's never explained why on Earth did Radiguet decided to tolerate her even if he knew she was human (plus if Radiguet had a fetish for human girls, he could try to get Commander Aya anyway).  Her story got interesting when Ryu finally knew she was Rie Aoi all along and how Radiguet HATES to lose her.  So the story between her and Ryu tied to worse ends which led to her being used by Radiguet.  The whole vampire arc for me was really a sad arc since it led to a more expected response of her feeling guilty all she did while she was Maria.  Plus her death was really very sad.

Shaddam- Just the master of deception and villainy, he is very well-written for me considering how he's that involved in Dairanger's development.  I just thought that it's pretty cruel to see him always in conflict with his son Akomaru in the Gorma and that he never cared about his own sons.  One has to consider also that he was the one who created the clay Gormas, made a fake Gara for his own convenience and how his insanity kept growing or how in the end, ironically he crumbled into clay himself suggesting either the real Shaddam created a clone to continue his job or he has the ability to use clay dummies to cheat death for a time being.

Dr. Hinelar- So you might want to take Doctor Man, give him new hair and let him go to another dimension you get Dr. Hinelar.  Then again, he is also a Lee Keflen tribute with him playing the piano but more of Doctor Man considering he and Dr. Kubota were once best friends before he became power hungry.  Pretty much, even his own death where his own fortress collapsed on him after he lost the battle was pretty satisfying to watch to end this bastard.

Grandienne- Throughout all of Gogo V, I believe fans consider her start to finish to be pretty well-written especially that she is really minus energy itself.

Jannu- She is the wife of Asuka, once named Mahoro but she became Jannu of the Evorian.  So pretty much a repeat performance on Maria but with a happier ending.  So Naruhisa Arakawa managed to take Toshiki Inoue's idea and put in the brighter side of things.

Long- Another SOB I believe was well-written was Long especially how he really planned everything from manipulating Rio and Mele to his advantage to setting up the strife between Rio and Jan.  Also the very fact he's an immortal five-headed dragon was an interesting twist too.

Basco- For Gokaiger fans, rejoice.  I really thought compared to Zangyack that was "pretty standard" for the rest of the series, Basco for me was quite well-written especially with how his background with Captain Marvelous was making him my favorite villain for the whole series.  It was really fun seeing him duel the Gokaigers while searching for the greater power without caring about what happens.  The rivalry between him and Captain Marvelous worked its way to the very end.  I might make a spotlight on this cruel guy soon.


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