Sentai Rangers that Befriended Monsters

In Super Sentai, there were times that a ranger would befriend a monster and here they are...

Hikaru Katsuragi befriended the New Empire Gear's mechanical creation called Brain, who was the brain of Anchor Kans.  By teaching Brain about friendship, her efforts caused Brain to save the Biomen from sudden destruction at the cost of Brain's life, causing much hurt in the process for her.

Daichi Yamagata befriended Sumo Bouma after he defeated the monster in battle.  The friendship disgusted the hate loving Zimba who killed Sumo Bouma, made the monster go feral and fight the Turborangers in giant mode.  Daichi felt sad for Sumo Bouma after they won the giant robot sumo battle with him piloting the Turbo Robo.

Youhei Hama befriend Chime Bouma.  Their friendship was put to the test when Chime Bouma who wanted to be peaceful, was bribed by Jarmin concerning her tribesmen that she will kill them if she refuses to kill the Turborangers.  It was a pretty sad episode and Jarmin was at her most cruel.

Shunsuke Hino befrieneded Ice Bouma who had a falling with his older brother Fire Bouma.

Kasumi Hoshikawa befrieded a giant monster (forgot the name).  She taught the monster how to do better Math.

Ako Hayasaka befriended Trash Jigen who part of him was her old teddy bear Pooh Tan.  It was a pretty serious episode for this bubbly girl and I hated Maria for killing Pooh Tan just like that for refusing to be evil.  I seriously cried for her in that episode.

Shouji befriended the three idiots later on after he had some rivalry with them.

Lin befriended the Media Magician/Takamura Souichirou and actually, they had a relationship.  Her kindness touched the Media Magician which caused him not to push through with the plan to use Lin's energy to enslave people behind the scenes which could lead to her death as well.  She was really pissed off when Gara killed the Media Magician.

Kenta Date befriended a Nejire Beast who he raised from being hatched from an egg which was an Angler Fish Nejire beast who was to be absorbed by its older brother who was the monster of the week.  I thought that the episode managed to be funny at first then it brought Kenta's serious side.  Nice to know Chisato made a stuffed doll out of the deceased monster.

Eiji Takaoka became friends with Atukagami who was a incompetent Dark Shadow origami monster.  I found that episode pretty touching how Eiji managed to save the monster's life.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. Hoka became friends with Titan in Magiranger.

  2. I'm not so sure, but what about Jelashitto from Gokaiger?

  3. In Magiranger, Houka befriended the Hades God Titan.

  4. For Kazumi Hoshikawa, the monster is Sairagin, a pig-like monster who have mathematics problems. Gorlin tried to combine Sairagin by attempting to suck into Gorlin's body, but Five Robo (which was unfortunately destroyed in Gokaiger-Goseiger 199 Great Legend War in 2011) destroyed Gorlin and saved Sairagin. Later on, he was confronted by Gunther, who piloted the Star Five Robo and the said Robo injured the monster.

  5. During the last season of Liveman, robot Butchy is losing his logical points and will be detonated by Bias. As he is ignoring his duty to cause destruction he falls in love with the Blue Dolphin theme song Spark! To the Sea. Megumi tries to have her former nemesis to reform he eventually do but is detonated. His last good deed is saving Megumi from his fate and the most iconic Sentai fight in the series erupts. In Kakurangers, Jiraiya befriends a benevolent Yokai called Zashiki-warashi that only wanted to have fun and have no intentions in causing mayhem. All the good time ends when Junior kills the child spirit and turns it to a murderous monster. The once friendly ghost is put down by the heroes. In Ohrangers Yuji befriends Bararevenger who is a monster composed of spare parts and had a noble intention of assasinating King Bachusfund and living in peace. Eventually Bachusfund got control of the monster and the Ohrangers have no choice but to destroy him.

  6. Hey Sean question (this might be in my fanfic) in Bioman do you think it would have worked if instead of brain Farrah cat had been used in the exact same way in that episode out of curiousity?


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