Most Honorable Ranger to Villain Rivalries in Super Sentai

While most Super Sentai villains were dirty cheats but a few did deserve a place of honor and here they are:

Hiryu Tsurugi/Change Dragon vs. Buuba in Dengeki Sentai Changeman

Well what makes me think this is honorable?  Compared to most Gozma, Buuba was a space pirate who despised the Gozma's cowardly ways.  In fact, it worked itself to the near finale episode where he died.  After he betrayed Gozma, restored Shiima to her true self and marked himself for death, he decided to die in a fair fight against Change Dragon so he could die an honorable death.

Jin/Red Flash vs. Kaura

Kaura despite the fact he kidnapped the would-be Flashmen as infants did show some honor in their rivalry.  First he chose to actually deal with Red Flash himself.  After his defeat, he revealed to Sara who her parents are and does his best to put an end to Keflen but in vain.

Takeru/Red Mask vs. Igam

Their rivalry is intense, yes but Igam and Takeru both have a sense of honor most of the time even if once, Igam tried to do a sneak attack by attempting to kill her rival in the past.  The first instance was when she and Takeru had a duel and she was angry with Fuumin's intervention.  Later when Takeru discovered that Igam was a female, he decided to withdraw seeing he could not hurt a girl.

Gai Yuki/Black Condor vs. Gure

Compared to most rivalries that Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk had with Radiguet and Tranza, theirs was an honorable one except for that casino trade where both cheated.  In fact, Gure chose to die a warrior's death with his fated rival Gai Yuki one on one without interference from anybody.  In the end after Gai Yuki nearly died in their duel, he lit a cigarette for Gure acknowledging him as a worthy rival.

Ryou/Ryu Ranger vs. Jin Matoba

From all of Takumi Hirose's red ranger rival roles, I think Jin Matoba was honorable in his rivalries.  Jin Matoba despite his cruelty did spare Ryou from a certain death at the hands of Sgt. Cannon because he wanted a fair battle to be settled.  Also, neither of them would fight a weakened other.  I just loved how this rivalry worked in an honorable way.  In fact, Jin managed to bring Ryou back to his senses near the finale as well.

Jan Kandou/Geki Red vs. Rio

The two of them acknowledged each other was worthy rivals even while Rio was a villain.

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red vs. Juzo

Juzo has "The I'm only the one allowed to defeat you." to Takeru.  But if that's not all, Juzo would never attack a weakened Takeru and even healed Takeru of his poison to give his rival a fighting chance.  Juzo was defeated by Takeru twice- he survived his first defeat but eventually died in the second.

Okay missed any?  Let me know!


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