Galactic Empires in Super Sentai

Well here's a list of those intergalactic empires in Super Sentai and my analysis on them. Okay I could be wrong so corrections are welcome. Now here are the evil intergalactic empires in Super Sentai that have presumably occupied one planet after the other. Here are they:

Great Star League Gozma

It was run by Star King Bazoo though at first appearing to be a giant torso in space was in reality a living planet in itself. Bazoo ran his empire by fear and intimidation of his followers, threatening to destroy their home worlds if he didn't get his way or by brainwashing people into his servitude. The empire followed a survival of the fittest mentality to which the strong rule over the weak, which is why they just destroy one world after the other in different ways. Bazoo seeks to become the supreme ruler of the universe in himself while treating his followers like garbage. I thought that this wasn't very cardboard especially how the members Shiima, Gyodai, Gator and Buuba rebelled against Gozma not to take over but because of a greater sense of value awakened deep within.

Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess

Bizarre after bizarre, they conquer worlds seeking to experiment on their lifeforms while its ruler Ra Deus took an Earth man prodigy in Lee Keflen (who became his second-in-command) who created various bizarre experimental monsters from field commanders to the monsters of the week. I just find this empire to be one of the biggest anomalies in the force of nature seeing how they really destroy the natural balance of things with their chimera monsters.

Silver Imperial Army Zone

This was a pretty messed up concept combining the concepts of Mess and Gozma in several ways. It did have some Bioman elements with Billion, Dongoros, Dordora and Zaza with how they carry out their operations. Its ruler Meadow aimed to consume life from 999 planets and Earth would be the 1000th so she could gain eternal life. My first beef about this group was that Garoa was changed from vicious badass to moronic commander then temporarily back to vicious badass and died a clown. With Chevalier as its new captain, things were getting lively for awhile. My second beef about this group was this- why was Meadow immediately written off as just a hologram in favor for their base Vulgyre to be actually a living organism that was pretending to be Meadow? I thought that the Meadow concept was fine and all.

Dimensional War Party Vyram

They have begun conquering planets from various galaxies under the leadership of Juuza who I say happily only lasted for two episodes! So they conquer one planet after the other in the claim of its inhabitants are just well bastards, as if they are not. What I pretty thought of them is that they are apparently survival of the fittest types seeing they lay waste on who they consider are weaklings as part of the "natural process" as they see it. After the fall of its empress Juuza, Radiguet managed to seize command but his decision to turn Rie Aoi into Maria caused some strife- he, Maria and Tran compete for leadership which is a concept I thought was really carried out here in a dark fashion compared to that of the Negative Syndicate in Boukenger. Although not so much shown, Vyram does maintain a fearsome strike in planets its conquered hinting they could be that cruel especially Radiguet happens to be the most well-written villain conceived as of present.

The Bowzock

These guys may not be that intelligent but they are no laughing matter. They have been conquering one planet after the other for their emperor, Exhaus who hired them to destroy any planet along the way. Exhaus' plans were to create a giant highway for aliens of his empire. I just thought that the members were usually moronic and frequently treated like trash by Exhaus himself. It was only fitting its less than intelligent members be given a second chance in life compared to the previous ones above.

The Zangyack

They were said to have enslaved untold numbers of planets so its presumed they have had clashed with other rival empires and since they had lesser competition, managed to increase their numbers. In fact, they started the whole Legend War by sending an entire armada on Earth to invade it only to be seriously defeated by the Super Sentai rangers who sacrificed their powers to crush their armada. For me, while they had great potential but I was slightly disappointed that the villains here are not as cruel as the Vyram. For me, while they were not lame but they were not that fleshed out either.

The Deboss Army

They are a group of space conquerors who have invaded several planets prior to the events of Kyuranger. They gather several emotions in hopes of reviving their leader Deboss. So far, it's another attempt at making a comedic villain group which had its own charm.

Deathgalien Army

They are similar to the Makuu, Madou and Fuuma where they conquer various planets. They have aimed to make Earth their 100th planet to be their next prey. They play dangerous games across various planets for their own personal amusement.

Space Shogunate Jark Matter

As of 2017, the Space Shogunate Jark Matter counts. They have enslaved various planets across the known Universe of Kyuranger. How this will end still remains to be seen.

Updated: August 3, 2017


  1. I think Vyram is more like a dimensional type of group, not galactic.

  2. I thought Ohranger, and Hurricanger villians along with Goseiger would count

  3. What about the Space Pirate Balban. I know they don't typically fit the Galactic Empire motif but they did conquer planet after planet.

    As for the comment above Ohranger's Baranoia Empire and Hurricanger's Jakanja do count.


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