Super Sentai Protagonists I Find To Be That Beloved And/Or Overrated By Fans

While I haven't seen all Super Sentai series and known the fandom that well either to make a judgment but I felt like making this post about beloved Super Sentai protagonists. So here's me taking a deep breath. Here goes nothing with my views plus it's still an incomplete list. I do hope you can enjoy this list and feel free to disagree in some parts.

Tyuyoshi Kaijo/Aka Ranger

The very first Super Sentai red ranger ever. I've given a thought that maybe, the people behind Gokaiger were glad that he volunteered to make a guest role in the Hero 199 Movie. I guess a lot of people still consider him to be a true legend.

Banba Soukichi/Big One

So where do I start? While I haven't seen much of JAKQ but he's become a fan favorite. Plus he's played by the legendary Hiroshi Miyauchi. Miyauchi played henshin roles in Goranger, JAKQ, Zubat and Kamen Rider V3. He was also the team mentors of Winspector, Solbrain, Exceedraft (Commander Masaki) and Ohranger (Chief Miura).

General Kurama Tetsuzan

He's the first mentor to actually master the art of using the Japanese katana. He used his amazing skills to defeat the Dragon God Monster by himself. In his most epic moment, he fought General Hedder and defeated the sinister high priest in an epic duel. He might be a predecessor to Doggie Kruger in Dekaranger.

Ryu Hoshikawa/Dyna Black

I've just started watching Dynaman but I think he's overrated. The reason is because his actor Kanpei Kuroda not only was previously Goggle Black but he's got a lot of badass ninja moves. As of late, my favorite Dynaman member is Hokuto Dan. But I can't blame fans who really love this guy. He's really that badass of a ninja.

Shiro Gou/Red One

I guess a lot of 90s Filipino children still remember him as the leader of the Biomen. Now he's not really my top favorite in contrast to Ryuta Nanbara. Yet who can't forget the time he calls everyone to morph or his ability to talk to animals? Who can't forget just how he pulls the team together no matter what or the plot that his supposedly deceased father Dr. Shinichiro Gou was a rival of Doctor Man?

Mika Koizumi/First Yellow 4 (deceased)

So she's only been there for ten episodes but she's still remembered. Years later in Akibaranger, she appears as a ghost (in-suit only). So I wonder, what was the whole reason why she was in the final episode of Akibaranger as a ghost? I still can't forget the time I "mourned' for her death.

Jun Yabuki/Second Yellow 4

So after Mika bit the dust, Jun took over her post. Maybe not so many people were so ready for her back then but she may have also gained a fandom herself. Some people say she's better than Mika due to her more daring stunts and her archery skills. I just had a thought though that maybe, just maybe we need more characters like her in later Super Sentai.

Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five

Some say that Kimberly was every 90s boys' first crush but that's not true. There's others and what's weird is that back then she was dubbed as KIMBERLY by Tele-Success Productions. I guess a lot of Filipino fans still remember her as their first Tokusatsu crush. Maybe a lot of people still remember her episode where she taught the New Neural Brain the value of friendship.


I guess Peebo is really a beloved character. He might be best considered a forerunner to the Alpha series of androids in Power Rangers. I guess a lot of Filipino Super Sentai fans can't forget about him either.

Hiryu Tsurugi/Change Dragon

So I've started seeing Changeman with subs but I've also seen some raws. He's had that clash against Adjutant Buuba and he's also had that clash with Commander Giluke. His duel with both characters makes him memorable. Even better, the wound he inflicted on Commander Giluke allowed him and the others to win against the latter during the finale arc.

Commander Ibuki

The "devilish commander" at the start of Changeman's first episode. So he's arrived on Earth to train people and tries to find out who the Earth Force will choose. So everybody walks out on him because he's "too harsh" but then everyone realizes he's been thinking of getting the Earth Force to awaken to defend the Earth and the rest of the Universe from Gozma. Later, it's discovered he's actually an alien in disguise from the Planet Heath. He's one of a few survivors of Gozma's campaign for universal domination.

Jin/Red Flash

I've just started watching Flashman and I've seen some raw episodes. Based on spoilers, this guy has challenged a lot of foes. He's fought with both Ley Wanda and Sir Kaura in extreme exchanges of blows. He displays such amazing sword skills in suit and out of suit. Surviving an extreme fight with Sir Kaura in a lethal exchange of blows is something badass. As of late, he's my favorite ranger in Flashman. He's the oldest of the group and still has a faint memory of being kidnapped by the Alien Hunters before the five of them were raised by aliens from a lost galaxy.

Sara/Yellow Flash

So she's the smartest character in Flashman based on the powers she gained from the Yellow Star. Now most of the female characters in Super Sentai are usually known for their brains are brawn. In Flashman, only her past started to get unwrapped as she's actually Dr. Tokimura's eldest child. In the finale, she's the one who shot off the Gene Synthesizer which led to Dr. Lee Keflen's demise. In the end, only her family was there to really see the Flashmen leave for the lost galaxy where they spent their growing up years.

Takeru/Red Mask

So where do I begin? I guess this is really the start of the red-centric era. Now Maskman may not be entirely all about him but a lot of the story elements revolve around him and Princess Ial. You want Maskman to progress? You NEED Takeru and only him to get the story to move forward. Igam's story doesn't really move forward as much until it's all about her and Takeru. Akira also has a nice backstory but Takeru really forwards everything even to the point he not Akira defeats the Imperial Underground Sword in the finale arc. He gets to have his battle with Baraba to the point he and not Akira breaks the Imperial Underground Sword. I guess the writers threw away the possibility of Akira defeating Baraba because well, Takeru. He's also had an interesting rivalry with Kiros where he represents pure love and Kiros represents pure lust.

Haruka/Yellow Mask

While she doesn't really move the plot as much but she's got that interesting rivalry with Fuumin. She's a ninja which makes her stand out from the team. She's got a lot of badass in her focus episodes where she shows she's not someone you should mess with. Her best focus episode for me was when she tried to regain confidence in herself and the team.

Momoko/Pink Mask

While some may think she's underrated but I think she's overrated. She doesn't have so many focus episodes but I guess a lot of 90s Filipino children still remember her. Hmmm... I can't forget how I watched Maskman for her, either. I felt her best focus was when she really fought to save a group of captives. She also had a focus episode where a monster in human form fell for her and she had no choice but to destroy him.

Director Sanjoru Sugata

He may not be that active but he's still one character I believe is loved by fans. He's shown himself as a very loyal and supporting mentor to the Maskmen. He has a lot of moments like when he was going to revive the Galaxy Robo, when he trained the Maskmen to draw out their aura power and when he chose Takeru to be the first official Maskman.

Yuusuke Amemiya/Red Falcon

For the next list, you've got Yuusuke. I feel like while Liveman may have fair focus on everyone but this guy gets to do a lot of the battles. Okay I don't deny he's way better than Yousuke Shiina/Hurricane Red in every way. Unlike the other Livemen he's got the most focus. Megumi Misaki may have been the opposite of Dr. Mazenda but guess who's got more backstory with the crazed cyborg chick? He's also faced against Dr. Kemp and Dr. Ashura. Then in the finale, he also is the one who invades Volt's fortress and fights Gash one more time. You can't get more badass than that.

Megumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin

I like her way better than Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue no questions asked. She's a pretty developed character but I guess her being the first female blue might one contributing factor. But not only that, she's really one tough chick. I felt like she's the second most focused character in the show. It's really impossible for me not to love her archery and badass kicks.

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo

While Turboranger is not red-centric but I can't deny he's one badass. He's done the most dangerous battles in the series. Who else would have fought Rehda and Ragorn one-on-one and lived to tell the tale? During the episode he fights Rehda, I felt like it's really one amazing scene you'll never see in many Super Sentai series today. When he fought Ragorn, I really thought it's got to be the most crazy thing ever done in Turboranger. Can you even top that? Not so many red rangers have that kind of performance today.

Gaku Hoshikawa/Five Red

I'm just having a wild guess but I think he's a beloved character. He may have his weaknesses like when Chevalier supposedly killed him but he was brought back to life. Putting that aside, he's the big brother of the team. He's fought several enemies like Billion, Garoa and Chevalier and lived to tell the tale. Best moment? His final battles with Billion and Chevalier. He defeats Billion after seeing Gunther die before his very eyes. He fights Chevalier in a chain deathmatch that he survives but unknowingly releases the "final energy" need to raise Vulgyre to his final form. So really, why didn't he appear in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai instead?

Ken Hoshikawa/Five Blue

I may be wrong and I'm a fan of this guy. While watching Fiveman, I didn't think too highly of Gaku Hoshikawa (but I wanted him to appear in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai instead of Yuusuke), I felt Ken was a really badass character. In the episode where he teaches a group of children the value of perseverance, he really risks himself to beat Amoeba Rugin OUT OF SUIT. He also shows much of how much he's willing to risk like when he allowed himself to be a human cannonball wearing the Five Tector just to save the day.

Remi Hoshikawa/Five Yellow

I think she's another character you probably think is that beloved. She's got a lot of badass kung fu moves. She may be the youngest but she pretty stands out. I was always a fan of how she also fought Zaza one on one. I love a lot of her focus series where she proves being the youngest isn't an obstacle to becoming a great fighter. Favorite episode? The episode where she managed to learn drunken kung fu though I also like the episode she helped out a misfit Battlzer soldier.

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk

So maybe I was wrong to think he's underrated because Jetman pretty much centers around him as well. I think he's still one of the most beloved red rangers and he's personally still my favorite. I still remember the number of times I've actually wanted to defend Kotaro Tanaka's "so-so" performance with this guy. He may not be that popular but I feel like he deserves to be in this list of beloved. It's probably possible that there's still a lot of Super Sentai fans who defend the actor like as if he's the best when he's not. I can agree with critics on the actor's performance but hey, he's still my favorite character in the series.

Black Condor/Gai Yuki (deceased)

The other is the anti-hero Gai Yuki. Many people may have felt he's a unique kid of hero. His concept was tested with one-shot experimental Ryo Asoka/X-1 Mask in Hikari Sentai Maskman. Now we're getting at least a half of X-1 Mask in Gai Yuki. He's tried to run off on his own and he's still as tough as ever. I always felt like that his development was so much fun to watch. From the time he got with Kaori to the time he broke up with her was part of his development to becoming a better person. So really, what in the world was Toshiki Inoue thinking about not giving Gai Yuki a warrior's death in the finale? Instead, they gave him a atypical death of being killed by a mugger probably to try a different formula. But I guess it didn't work so other deceased Super Sentai warriors were still given heroic deaths.

Ako Hayasaka/Blue Swallow

I feel like she's become another popular character. So maybe Kaori's underrated or not, I can't tell. But one thing's certain is that she's got a lot of decent focus episodes. Her school life's revealed, she's probably "hooking up" with Ryu and gets teases with Gai Yuki. I can't really tell but this is just my bias considering I'm a huge fan of her. My favorite episode of her was when she and her friend Kyoko had some development and another when she helps a girl face the courage to face a heart operation.

Aya Odagiri

Based on Jetman's Sylvie Pandora and NOT Dr. Nambu. So she's the first female commander and she's also more active than ever. She's put her life on the line more than once, she's taught the team martial arts and she can be both kind and severe whenever it's needed. Best moment? She piloted Jet Garuda on her own. I would still feel that a lot of fans may remember as one of the best Super Sentai mentors ever.

Rishiya Princess Mei/Pteraranger

Should she be part of this list of who I think are beloved characters? Granted, I really like Kimberly over her but I still like her for her being a badass cutie. Maybe in the past, not so many liked her. But I feel as of late, she's also gained a fandom. She's got a lot of her own badass scenes that Kimberly wasn't able to do. So I don't blame it if she gets a fandom as well aside from the ever popular Kimberly. I always felt she's probably that sidekick Kimberly needs and vice-versa. She's got her own merits too. Overrated? Maybe not. Underrated? Maybe yes, maybe no. I feel like there's already a balance between Kimberly and Mei in terms of fandom. So I guess we've got balance between her and Kimberly by now.

Burai/Dragon Ranger (deceased)

If X-1 Mask had one half of him in Jetman as Gai Yuki, then we have the other half in Zyuranger. During the "Green with Evil" saga of Zyuranger, he was willingly evil and I wonder was he intended to be a six episode X-1 Mask? Then later, he was given a couple of episodes focused on him having so much little time to live and he wants to use his time doing what's right. I felt like he's the Zyuranger that gets that much focus compared to the others. The way he died was so glorious I even felt like that when he chose to save a boy's life, he departs for the afterlife with a smile on his face. I just thought he should have been in the finale waiting for the other Zyurangers with the guardian beasts as the depart from Earth.

White Sage Barza

I guess this may have something to do with some MMPR Nostalgia because he's the basis for Zordon. But again, maybe some of the 90s children may still remember Barza as that likable old man who helped out the Zyurangers. Putting Zordon aside, I feel like he may have had an impact on Super Sentai fans as well. Now he might be somewhat senile like sometimes, he's done some things that are questionable like chasing an elf child using firepower like they're in a Looney Tunes show (that might have worked in Abaranger though) but he's probably still got that status as a beloved character.


Dairanger is a popular series and there were good stories revolving around other characters like Daigo's love story with Kujaku. For Ryou, he's just badass with his battle against Demon Boxer Jin. He's shown what it means to be a true martial artist in several episodes. His rivalry with both Jin and Shadam were also fun to watch. The way he concluded his rivalry with Shadam was also pretty good in itself.


He's got that really interesting love story with Kujaku in a more tragic version of Ah My Goddess. Every time it's him and Kujaku, prepare all the tissue and hankies because you're going to cry buckets. I really felt his selfless sacrifice of letting her go may put in him this list on what it means to be a hero.


Like Kimberly, I feel like she's another overrated and beloved character. She's more developed than Kimberly ever can be which makes me like her better. While watching Dairanger, I felt like her development with the characters was fun to watch like how she straightened up Kou. My favorite episode was when she touched the heart of a Gorma known as Takamura.

Master Kaku

I feel like he's one of the best Super Sentai mentors around. As Dairanger progressed, he's revealed to be part of Gorma and wanted the war to stop. He's done everything and has wanted to challenge Shadam so he can establish peace. But in the end, he died at Shadam's hands. I still can't help but still feel sad for the Dairangers when he died.

Kyousuke Jinnai/Red Racer

If I mentioned Riki earlier, I'd also mention this guy too. I feel like Carranger was the better written series. Turboranger had better fight scenes but Carranger had better consistency with how it was as a Super Sentai series. Like Riki, he's also got some badass moments though he didn't fight Exhaus one on one. Best moment ever was when he actually defeated a monster without ever morphing.

Natsumi Shinohara/Yellow Racer

While Mika died so early no thanks to Yuki Yajima's abrupt departure, she's more or less a season long version of Mika Koizumi. She appears as a snappy and rebellious character at times but she has real great concern from her friends. She also has her badass and reckless moments that may remind people of what Mika could have been if the actress didn't suddenly leave so soon. I guess a lot of people do like her as character.

Kenta Date/Mega Red

I felt like he was meant to be a Riki Honoo 2.0 in his own way. Megaranger happens to be the second Super Sentai season focusing on teenagers with attitude while it's another attempt to explore the science theme. He's a lovable goofball and I guess a lot of fans were happy to see him again in Gokaiger. According to the Gokaiger universe, he's a school teacher now though Megaranger hasn't mentioned what happened to the Megarangers after their graduation.

Chisato Jougasaki/Mega Yellow

I guess she's not only the most popular girl in school but she's also one of the most popular characters in the franchise. So she's got a crush on Kouichirou/Mega Black though later on, the writers felt like they were teasing her with Kenta/Mega Red even if the two never felt that way about each other. I felt like it's hinted in Gingaman vs. Megaranger that they're a couple though it may be left for the viewers to decide.

Dr. Eikichi Kubota

He was once best friends with Dr. Samejima before the events of the series. During the start of the series, he does whatever he can to defeat his former friend to save the world. He's more or less like a long-term scientist vs. scientist conflict which Hirohisa Soda didn't really do much during Bioman, Flashman and Liveman. Like Dr. Shibata/Shinichiro Gou, he has no choice but to go against a former friend. I feel his pain in fighting the Nezire especially that he still wants to reconcile with Dr. Hinelar who has chosen to go to the path beyond redemption.

Matoi Tatsumi/GoRed

Okay I may not really like him that much because man, he's THAT LOUD. Sometimes, I feel like wearing earmuffs. But overall, he's a good big brother and one honorable figure. So maybe he's not the typical red but I guess he's got a fandom with him. He's badass no questions asked. But as I said earlier, he's just pretty loud at times but I got used to it. I still prefer Carter Grayson's personality over his anytime. Seriously HE FREAKING NEEDS TO CALM DOWN! Prozac anyone?

Nagare Tatsumi/GoBlue

Okay I'm just throwing a wild guess here but I guess Nagare makes it to this list. He's badass. He's more calm, he's the scientist of the team and he's done a lot of dangerous stunts as a character. I don't want to start comparing him and Chad Lee though. For one, he's a scientist and Chad is a water sports athlete so it's pretty much apples and oranges between two warriors. Both are good in their own ways as characters so there's really no need to compare them.

Professor Mondo Tatsumi

A single father left without a choice. So he had to leave his children and felt that burden to this very day just so the world can be saved from the Saima. A lot of pain really has entered his heart ever since the day he was preparing Earth to face the Grand Cross phenomenon. He had no choice and he wants to catch up with his children. So I guess he counts. Don't compare him to Captain Mitchell though. Instead, compare Captain Mitchell with any cool military Tokusatsu commander instead.

Ryoma/Ginga Red

So he wasn't supposed to be Ginga Red and his brother Hyuga was. Yet on that day, he became Ginga Red anyway. Maybe some people didn't like him that much because he was considered "wimpy looking" but may have gotten a fanbase. Like every other red I've liked, he's got a decent list of people he's beaten. He beats Sanbash off in a dangerous game of motorcycles and he's beaten Budo in a swordfight. He's also proved himself to be better than his brother Hyuga in many ways in battle. He thought of himself as a stand-in but later found out he really deserved his title. I won't start comparing him to Leo Corbett due to again -- apples and oranges!

Tatsuya Asami/Time Red

So maybe some say he's "stiff" and whatever but I felt like that putting Masaru Nagai's lack of performance, I feel like people may still like him. Maybe people liked the formula yet again of having a red ranger that's different than the rest of his team. He's fighting destiny itself and he wants to create a better future. I still prefer Wesley Collins over him in terms of acting. Jason Faunt's been more easygoing while Nagai himself is too serious at times.

Yuuri/Time Pink

I guess the tsundere or cold type of character tends to get popular huh? I feel she's much colder than Sakura and her Time Force counterpart Jen. She's the first pink leader. I felt like her being a cold person towards almost everyone is due to some trauma. She saw her parents die before her very eyes as a child which may explain why she's grown so cold. Jen only grew cold after seeing Ransik supposedly end Alex's life. Is she still a beloved character in spite of the fact that she can be that mean? She's slapped Domon's face, she can do foot stomps and she's pretty much well... she's got that tendency to become the extremely bossy Head Bitch in Charge. Granted, Timeranger is a pretty serious show which may contribute to why she's written that way.

Naoto Takizawa/Time Fire

I don't know if he should be in this list but I guess people do love anti-heroes huh? I felt like comparing him to Gai Yuki in Jetman. If Toshiki Inoue would pick a favorite from Timeranger, it might be him. I felt mixed about him though. He grew up poor but turning him into a person who tends to be power hungry isn't excusable. I may be a Super Sentai fan but I still feel like Eric Myers has better characterization than this guy. I felt that while he starts to see life for what it is and that power isn't the most important thing, he dies in such a way. So he's out there trying to rescue two pet birds for a little girl them bang he gets shot by a Zenitto from a distance. I felt like that death was really uncalled for. Eric Myers' ending was better for me.

Kaneko Noboru/Gao Red

With Zyuohger airing, I have a feeling that Yamato's being a zoologist is a tribute to this guy plus the actor Masaki Nakao looks a lot like Kaneko Noboru. Gaoranger was a popular anniversary season and he's a veterinarian who tries to fit in. So he's forced to fight because Gao Lion chooses him and he does what he can. I feel like his role still remains a beloved role up to this day. He appeared in Gokaiger and I guess fans were really glad about it.

Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue

Nao Nagasawa's got really great moves which makes her a worthy addition to my list of favorite action stars. Okay Hurricanger isn't that great a series as I used to think it was but I can't deny how Nanami really has a huge impact on fanboys. In my case, I really like her martial arts skills and she's still one of the best. Not so many Tokusatsu performers can easily top what 90s children may have grown up with. Still a fan of her regardless. Her appearance in Boukenger vs. Super Sentai and Gokaiger may be proof she's still a very popular character.

Ranru Itsuki/Abare Yellow

Aside from Nao, there's also Aiko Ito who does a terrific job portraying Ranru. She's almost the perfect woman as she's pretty, sexy, smart and she can fight. She's portrayed as the show's mechanic and tech-wizard. She may not be as badass as Natsumi but she's still a pretty cool character. Maybe she's earned a fanbase herself.

Asuka/Abare Black

So Ryu's and Rie's love story was rewritten to a happy ending in Abaranger? The story of Asuka is that he was separated from his wife Mahoro. Believing her to be dead, he found out that she's been brainwashed into Jannu. I guess it's because of that "similarity" with Ryu/Red Hawk that makes him another fan favorite. He's my favorite in Abaranger for that reason too.

Banban Akaza/Deka Red

So he's not really my top favorite. Maybe he's my third but I can't deny this idiot is pretty much a dedicated badass. So he's reckless, he's not really a pro but he'll do anything to get justice to be upheld and finish the job on-hand. Plus, he won't skip an obstacle course and has high regard for his teammates. Maybe not all American fans were that ready for him and preferred Jack. But I feel like he's gotten a fanbase by now. Ryuji Sainei also guest starred in Akibaranger making a reference to him and Power Rangers SPD.

Hoji Tomasu/Deka Blue

I feel like he's a huge fan favorite. He's the most professional one in the group, he's a cool sniper and he's got that episode where he fought Jilvan out of suit. While I don't think it's as great as most out of suit fight scenes these days but hey, it's still good! Several episodes later, he starts to become less serious and more easygoing with the others. Not that he doesn't listen to the others, he just has some issues with Ban. So he's all that dedicated to do everything even sacrifice his own happiness. He's still my favorite Dekaranger overall.

Marika "Jasmine" Reimon/Deka Yellow

I still can't get over how much I really enjoyed her and her actress Ayumi Kinoshita plays the part so well. I'll admit I even watched Dekaranger for her and not for the plot which made me put an end to my really long break from Tokusatsu. Putting the actress aside, she's also one of the best characters in the show. I felt her background as an ESPerer (or "mutant") made her an interesting character. It's easy to like her for shallow and pitiful reasons though. I still feel that after ten years, marrying that child she saved was just pretty funny or weird. Take your pick on what to think of Jasmine marrying that kid.

Doggie Kruger

So he's the first Super Sentai mentor who can actually use an alternate form. He's a badass swordsman who also pilots Dekabase with the others. His amazing swordsman skills have been put to the test at times causing him to show it off. He's defeated a lot of foes with the D-Sword Vega. Overall, a badass commander.

Satoru Akashi/Bouken Red

So Boukenger is popular but no matter how much I like it, I can't really give it that much respect after some other reasons. Relaxed? Not really. I mean no one in the right mind tries to drop a teammate into the lava. He's had his good moments but there are times he's just acting like he's plain drunk. I've become more mixed about him these days. Maybe he's still one of my favorite reds but I'd still go for Takeru Shiba over him anyday.

Sakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink

So what's up with this rat girl? I felt like that she's an unbalanced Mary Sue. As much as I like her character but a lot of pink rangers in the past are way better. You want a better pink ranger than her? Watch Maskman for Momoko or Dairanger for Rin. She just gets too much credit for me.

Miki Masaki

So she's the head of the Beast Arts Academy and the second female mentor. She's also a single mother to her daughter Natsumi. The way she's portrayed is that she's a badass teacher and a caring mom. She's a tiger mom with a loving heart. I always felt that much of her development really made her stand out as a person. I view her as an improved version of Aya Odagiri as she's shown more badass moves than her predecessor.

Ran Uzaki/Geki Yellow

I could be wrong but I felt like that Ran was most likely created as a well-deserved tribute to the late Thuy Trang. Like Trini, she's a badass character with a sweet personality. As the series develops, she shows herself to develop into a stronger warrior than when she started. She might be part of this list but I could be wrong. Maybe the older Power Rangers fans may contribute to her fanbase. If that's true then she may be also a beloved character.

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red

He may be a favorite of mine but there are times I felt that he's not that good or that he just gets too much credit from Super Sentai fans. Tori Matsuzaka was still struggling back then and I really thought that he was more of a Kotaro Tanaka in Jetman than a Kazunori Inaba in Maskman. In short, he can do action scenes well but his acting isn't as good. While he's not bad but he's not that good either. He's a shadow warrior whose task was to protect the real Shinken Red, Kaoru. I always felt like poor Kaoru doesn't get as much recognition as she should have had. I felt like the finale should be where Takeru and the others leave the house and Kaoru stays behind. I felt like even his "adoption" was a result of fan outrage, not the writer's original decision. People just need to watch Maskman to see why he's not as great as others think he is. He's great but never going to be as great. I'll always find it something to why this guy has become the more beloved Takeru than Red Mask or that Kaoru the true Shiba doesn't get as much respect as she deserves.

Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink

She's a pretty nice character overall but it's so easy to like her for stupid reasons. What might be ignored is that while she's the team mom and big sister figure is that she's a pretty blunt character. She'll never hesitate to tell you you're annoying or what's wrong with you on the spot. I still like her as a character but there's been much better pinks back in the 80s and 90s. She's had some good moments in the show but there's always better pinks out there. I guess she's got the Kimberly vibes going on which contributes to her popularity.

Kotoha Hanaori/Shinken Yellow

I don't think she's underrated. I feel like that like Ako in Jetman, she gets some focus. Maybe she's the other reason why fanboys were watching Shinkenger for a stupid reason aside from Mako. She's sweet and adorable. I feel like she's a Mei/Ako hybrid except she's wearing yellow instead of pink or blue. Like Mei, she's so moe and like Ako, she's the youngest female of the group. I may like her as a character but I find Ako to be the better fighting school girl. I wonder are her fans also fans of Ako and Mei? Perhaps!

Hikoma Kusakabe

The Shinkengers affectionately call him Jii. As the team mentor, he's always willing to see everyone improve. He also raised Takeru as a fine warrior to lead the team. The actor Goro Ibuki being in the samurai films genre helps make the character even better. It's almost impossible not to love this guy.

Captain Marvelous/Gokai Red

Just as much as I feel like Gokaiger's just plain overrated even if it's a good series, he may have ended up as one of the most overrated red rangers ever. He's able to use the powers of the 34 red rangers ever since the Legend War was over. I guess some people say he's the best red ranger ever for that reason.

Gai Ikari/Gokai Silver

We had Gai Yuki who left us so soon. We have Gai Ikari who fortunately didn't leave us so soon. I'm glad the whole "Gai Ikari will die." was just a rumor and it never came true. He's somebody that almost anybody can relate to. He's a Super Sentai fan who becomes a Super Sentai ranger. Even better, it's an anniversary season. I don't think Genta is ever as great as this guy.

Nobuo Akagi/Akiba Red

Akibaranger may not be an official Super Sentai series but I guess he still counts. Many fans of Super Sentai may be ashamed of still watching it and they're hitting 30. I've just hit Akagi's age and went beyond it. Now I may not be the biggest fan out there and I doubt it I'll ever be that passionate about it either... but Akagi is one character many Super Sentai fans can relate to. Between him and Gai Ikari, it's a hard choice to see who's better.


  1. If I may give my own two cents on Marvelous on why he earns his reputation, he's certainly one of a few breaks from the recent energetic Red Rangers before and after. He's still hot-blooded and eager for action, but he CLEARLY exudes charisma and command. He knows what he wants and will do what needs to be done to get what he AND his crew wants, as long as it doesn't involve stepping on the lives and livelihoods of others, setting him apart from Basco. In fact, it plays into his reaction to the true nature of the Trifo- I mean, the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. But even as he will not bring harm to others just to achieve his own goals, neither does he care too much about lesser matters that will sway him from his goal. Thankfully, helping protect Earth and learning about its depowered defenders are not distractions, given his and his crew's experiences. He respects the power of seizing dreams, so why should he actively stamp on others for his own? That balance, for me, makes him a very nuanced character and a great Red Ranger.

    1. I agree 100% with your assessment. I want to add that folks don't think Marvelous was a good red simply because he had the 34 previous sentai under arsenal, it's because he personified what it meant to be a leader which is supporting his teammates when it was there time to shine. Also underneath Marvelous smug exterior was someone who cared deeply for his crew and had gone to great lengths time and time again to make sure that they was safe even as going far as to nearly sacrifice himself in order to save them. Sometimes I feel that folks who watched Gokaiger only watched it for the cameos and then complain that their wasn't no development for the characters or actual story or plot when there was.

  2. Dynaman correction- I think you mean Actor Junichi Hurata and his previous Sentai series is Goggle Black in Goggle V which is precious to Dynaman. He never stopped after Dynaman and he stuck with black also! A year later he would go against Juspion as Mad Galien and Wind Ninja Mafuba in Jiraiya. During the 90s he would continue in the Metal hero series until 2008 that He would return to Super Sentai movie in the Go Onger theatrical playing a human guise of one of three Engines that are exclusive to the movie and also to add the two other engines are played by a Rider and Dekaranger alumni.

    Of course Hurata would continue on to Super Sentai opposite Dyna Pink in Kyoryugers as Kyoryugreen's parents.


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