My Thoughts On Zyuohger Episodes 13-15 And Some Nostalgic Factors In Them

So as always, I'm beaten by other sites like Dryed Mangoez and UkiyaSeed in making episode reviews. Plus, I doubt it I really can devote myself to episode reviews but I may give "updates" or more importantly my opinions on newer stuff. I still am waiting for the possible sixth ranger, new mecha, new enemies, etc. to arrive before I start giving Zyuohger updates.

Right now, going to make a three episode recap of episodes 13-15. To deviate a bit from the topic, it seems to be that every time it's an anniversary or something there's always that tendency to be like "It's a kid's show but let's give a bit of something of nostalgia for older fans in some way." It can be a good or bad thing. Gaoranger, Boukenger and Gokaiger all did their part in trying to be new to children but appeal to older fans of Super Sentai at the same time.

Episode 13 may be giving us some Liveman shoutouts. Joe Ohara in Liveman was a yellow ranger with a lion motif. Leo himself may be a Zyuman and maybe their level of beauty is different than humans. Shouldn't he find humans ugly and lions attractive? But in here, he's finding every human girl attractive and I mean, his standards of beauty are supposedly different than ours. In that episode, there's also some kind of ship tease between Yamato and Yuri. Joe and Leo are not only yellow rangers with a lion motif but also, they're suckers for certain girls. Liveman had Joe becoming a pizza deliveryman for a girl he likes and he also falls in love with a girl from the future. Leo's personality seems to be more defined in this episode than he was some episodes ago.

The plot of the episode involves Noborizo creating a lot of mountain traps just in case somebody intervened with his plans. Leo's out of suit stunts were really amazing. After two seasons of disappointment where the ToQGers and Ninningers relied too much on stuntmen, Zyuohger returns the glorious tradition of DYI stunts and less on stuntman fight scenes. I felt like having a Bioman shoutout namely episode six where Mt. Onibori was trap-rigged with a deadly underground toxic gas that could kill the whole Kanto region. In this episode, it's almost like Transformers with the Decepticons trying to get some energy for their evil activities.

Episode 14 starts with two monsters of the week competing for a huge position in Deathgalien. So it's time to go on a bank robbery mission with Amu making sacrifices. Okay, I can understand if we're trying to teach children to be selfless but not too many Super Sentai can be that much of a public service announcement as shows like Fiveman, Carranger, Megaranger, GoGoFive, Lightspeed Rescue, Dekaranger and Power Rangers SPD to name a few. Then again it's not like as if we don't see scenes like this happening in certain episodes of Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Metal Hero and Other Hero, right?

The situation presents a moral dilemma. The security guard named Fuwa has a sick sister named Marin. this doesn't sit too well as this involves a game of hurting other people's feelings and it involves adults yet again. Dorubozu a swindling thief and bank robber tries to use Fuwa's situation. Fortunately for Fuwa and Marin, we see Amu save the day not only by selflessly giving up her silly desire fort a cake for a sick person but to also straighten up Fuwa about his situation. It's really telling everyone not to do the right thing the wrong way.

Episode 15 has Dorubozu's partner Huntelder is sent out to do a shooting spree. The episode starts off with both Leo and Tusk learning about complementing each other. Tusk has the habit of overthinking and Leo can get impulsive. This doesn't sit too well when something's about to happen. Huntelder starts shooting people and turning everyone around him into dolls. It might be a plan to sell off the dolls for a profit. We see Yamato, Amu and Sela turn into dolls which leaves the two in a difficult situation.

I thought the scene was amazing with a combination of do it yourself out of suit and some nice camera work. Both Leo and Tusk manage to let their strengths and weaknesses come together. So by using some ingenuity and yes, Tusk risks himself. Leo appears and takes that gun, breaks it which causes the people turned into dolls to revert back to normal. I wonder, was that some nostalgia from Jetman's episode where Traza sought to turn the Jetmen into his trophies? The ending of the episode was pretty funny with everyone reverted back to normal in Mario's house. 

So far, it's safe to say I'm having way more fun with Zyuohger than I had with ToQGer and Ninninger. On the other hand, I'm not having so much fun with Kamen Rider Ghost than I had it with Kamen Rider Drive. So what's next? So Yamato's uncle will get kidnapped and I guess there might be more plot development soon. 


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