Woohoo! GoGoV's Almost Done!

While I regret I may not be able to see most of Kakuranger due to the official subs getting released, but I'll admit GoGoV is almost done. I'll give my thoughts on the series' latest episode leading to the climax. Three more episodes and the Grand Bitch I mean Grand Witch Grandienne's (pun intended) so going to get what she deserves!

Episode 47 really has some horror/science fiction reference with some kind of parasite similar to the Aliens' franchise. It attaches itself towards Matoi which nearly kills him. It's used to power up Zylpheeza who returns after being missing for a considerable amount of episodes. Salamandes already bit the dust so the other siblings think of restoring their eldest sibling. That Salamandes was a brat... so it's time for their oldest sibling to return but there's going to be a lot of tragedy. 

The teamwork of GoGoFive in their quest to restore Matoi almost felt like the message of Fiveman's ending song as a sibling Super Sentai. Fiveman tried to explore the themes and got it. GoGoFive managed to address it. It sort of reminds me of the episode where Gaku Hoshikawa died and was revived but this time, it involved the other siblings to restore their eldest brother. As for the Aliens-type parasite, well that's quite a lot of nightmare fuel there.  

Even evil has loved ones. Even if the Saima Clan were all but negative energy or what, there's still some love on part of Kubolda, Venus and Zylpheeza something that disgusted their mother dear. Venus not only takes the shot but she also offers her life up to her older brother Zylpheeza. 

What I think of Venus' sacrifice? It showed that the siblings here were more redeemable than their mother who just manipulates them through and through. I wouldn't have done anything different if I were Venus. I'd probably still give up my life for Zylpheeza. I'd still feel outraged if I were Zylpheeza. It's a sad scene even for a group of villains. I'm just reminded of how sad I felt for Dordora when she discovered she was manipulated and how Zaza gave her life before they were merged into Rose-Dolgin by the newly revealed Vulgyre. 

For a bit of Lightspeed/GoGoFive comparison, I thought the scene of Venus' sacrifice was probably meant to be because it's a sibling Super Sentai. Lightspeed Rescue isn't a sibling Super Sentai so I guess that's why they wrote Vypra ended up getting absorbed by Bansheera for the sake of completion. Vypra's death reminded me more of a bit of how Chevalier was absorbed by Vulgyre to complete the latter's transformation. The same kind of death also happened to Dayu when Doukoku absorbed her into himself so the latter could fight as long as he wants without drying up. In B-Fighter, we also had Jagul absorbing various villains of the franchise into herself to become the ultimate monster.  

Grandienne is now absorbing a lot of negative energy around her to complete her transformation as the ultimate motherf*cking bitch in the Super Sentai franchise. I felt this is basically getting Fiveman's finale right when it comes to the main villain. In Fiveman, all that happens is that Empress Meadow was written off as merely an illusion projected by Vulgyre. In GoGoFive, Grandienne is what I feel like Meadow and Vulgyre done right. She's absorbed the negative energies she needs to complete her transformation. 

As soon as GoGoV's out, I'll probably write a review and some comparisons with Fiveman. Hmmm... maybe I should watch Winspector now it's completely subbed?


  1. It was 1999, final year of a decade and era and a memorable year for myself.
    TOEI actually made one that is totally original but not quite. It is inspired by the Rescue Series and Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds straight up! I saw the series and I was amazed and excited!!!!

    I did like the format of the actual planetary shift of the cross formation which happened in real life but no demonic portal opened.

    Human Science and Technology vs. Demonic Magic Powers.

    The Tatsumi family are a likable and realistic bunch!

    And I do like the MECHA designs.

    Venus was the last femme fatale and no longer wore anything revealing until

    One story that just stood out is the OVA V Cinema Sudden Shock- A New Hero!
    It was good to see Keichi Wada to return in a series.

    Now the lows-

    I think PLEX could have done a better job in designing the Go Suits does everybody have to look like a umbrella? The worst suits since ToQgers!
    Also they lack real personal fighting weapons that are used for combat.
    The equipment that forms Live Bird are really not for fighting, they should have gotten inspiration from Winspector, Solbrain and Exeedraft!

    There is no 6th hero and Liner Boy ain't it! They had a good idea with Demon Hunter Jieg and astronaut Kyoko gaining his powers to become Sieg Jeane. Saban made right in creating his own for the adaptation, the Titanium Ranger!
    In reality the Tatsumi team could not defeat the Saima Clan and every help counts which includes added man power!

    Overall, the series is a better show then some of the weak series that is out from 2013-now and that is no lie!
    I regret not borrowing the VHS and viewed all the episodes as I only have 1-5, finals. If the next Sentai series is out the rescue theme should be redone besides, Animals, Ninjas and Dinosaurs, Oh My!

    I always wanted to see a team up between Go busters, Dekarangers and Go Go V!

    This series did inspired a much better Saban adaptation which I refuse to fully commit.

    Here is a trivia,two Tomica shows takes its ques from GoGo V and their helmets is a reminiscent of Demon Hunter Jieg.

    Actor Joe Odigiri auditioned and failed for the role of Go Yellow, he would make it really big as Kamen Rider Kuuga and coincidently the two actors competing for the Yellow role looks similar in facial appearance.

    Speaking of Kamen Rider, Go Green starred as Delta in Kamen Rider 555 and currently Go Blue is Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha in the web series that is running now!!!!


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