Red Rangers That Were Different From The Rest Of Their Teammates

While watching Zyuohger, I remembered that some Super Sentai shows had their red rangers that were different from the rest of their team. I'd like to give my opinions on these red rangers. Missed any? Let me know!

Shiro Gou/Red One

Unlike the others, Shiro's Bio Particles gave him an out of suit ability to talk to animals. It was a nice touch and it was later repeated with Kakeru Shishi several years later. Also unlike the others, his family life and past were later unearthed late in the series. He's the only Bioman whose relative appeared on-screen namely his missing father Dr. Shinichiro Gou.

Ryu Tendo/Red Hawk

Although Ryu doesn't get all the attention and Gai Yuki is a competitor for that attention but still, one can't deny the plot's go signal is with this guy. He's a military man, he's experienced, he's one of the best red rangers out there but you can't deny that he's different from the rest of them. The rest of the Jetmen weren't chosen by the military but by fate when the Birdonic Waves hit the rest. He's got to contend with a rich heiress Kaori, a farmer named Raita, a lone wolf named Gai and a feisty high school student named Ako. He's the only one who's got that formal training and the rest didn't. It was even more manifest when he and Gai Yuki had a lot of Ken the Eagle vs. Joe the Condor conflicts not only in the messy love polygon but also in their ideals.


Unlike the other Zyurangers who were natural descendants of their various tribes, Geki was the only who wasn't. He had a ten year old foster sister who died back in the war. If she survived, maybe she would have been the rightful Tyranoranger but she didn't. It's revealed that he was adopted by the Yamato Tribe and his real father is the Black Knight. This later developed into the conflict that he must decide between his true past and the fate of the world when he discovers Burai only has a very short time left to live.

Kenta Date/Mega Red

While Megaranger was more balanced in development and the show doesn't require Kenta's backstory to move it forward, everyone else did but I can't deny he's "different" from the rest. He was recruited by the Megaranger game. The rest were simply recruited by accident so the five-team Megaranger squadron can be completed. Plus, he's the only one in the group who really gets to handle all the cool stuff and he's only the squad leader on field. Outside the battlefield, Kouichirou is the actual leader of the group. 

Ryoma/Ginga Red

He wasn't really meant to be Ginga Red due to his place in the lineage. Hyuga was supposed to be Ginga Red but one day, something happened. When Hyuga fell into the cliff and was assumed dead by everyone, Ryoma who wasn't firstborn took that responsibility to become the new Ginga Red. When Hyuga returned, he felt like that he was just a substitute for his older brother.

Tatsuya Asami/Time Red

In Timeranger, Tatsuya is the last to be recruited plus he's a man from the Year 2000 not the Year 3000. He's the last to be recruited by the Timerangers. I always felt it's just awkward to how things happen in the show. So Tatsuya ends up using futuristic equipment from people of the Year 3000 while he's a man from the Year 2000. I feel like that's really a huge leap, isn't it? 

Kakeru Shishi/Gao Red

What makes him different than the other Gaorangers is that one, he's the last to be recruited and two, he's the only one who can talk to animals. He's also the oldest in the team considering he's a veterinarian. Gaku's a soldier, Sotaro's a wrestler, Kai is a water sportsman and Sae is trained in martial arts. I felt like that in spite of being a vet, he can still fight. It really made some sense that he could talk to animals out of suit since Gaoranger is a wild animal themed season. 

Banban Akaza/Deka Red

Unlike the other Dekarangers who were professionals, Ban stood out as some kind of a "delinquent" since he fought differently than the others. He preferred the use of crude tactics to which is why he and Hoji always clashed with each other. Though he uses crude tactics, he's still a good guy at heart. I wonder why he wasn't promoted to take over Doggie Kruger's place eventually in the film Ten Years After? I felt like his development could have made him a worthy commander! 

Jan Kandou/Geki Red

Everyone in the SCRTC are city people but definitely not Jan. I'm reminded of Kamen Rider Amazon with how this guy goes minus the crude tactics. He's the only one who's got the advantages of having grown up in the jungle s evidenced by his hard time adjusting to civilization. He's the Tarzan of the group. Plus, he's the only one who's got a body that's harder than usual and his presumably stronger than the rest due to his upbringing.

Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red

He always said he's different and the show gives some hints of something's different about him. Even some flashbacks indicate that he's not even a real Samurai lord. As the plot develops, it's shown that he had the burden of acting as a decoy for the real Shiba head Kaoru Shiba. While he's still part of a samurai family but his real ancestors didn't inherit the Shiba power. He was set off as a red ranger assigned to protect the princess until the time came to be. What still amazes me is that this guy really just contains that much fighting prowess. Sure he's not as great as Takeru/Red Mask but he's still shown a lot of fighting prowess. One can say that Kaoru has great moves but Takeru IMO is better one between them. I feel like maybe he can even defeat the Shinkengers by himself with both prowess and strategy.

Yamato Kazakiri/Zyuoh Eagle

The other Zyuohgers were born as Zyumen but not Yamato. Yamato got his powers from an Eagle Zyuman when he was a child. He's also the last to join in the Zyuohgers. So how things will turn out with him as the only human member of the group is yet to be seen.