Three Times (Or Possibly More Times) That I Wished Super Sentai Had Its Finale With That Season!

I can't deny there were really a number of times I wish that Super Sentai really ended. I felt like many times in the past, Super Sentai isn't getting any better and it was just around 2000 something and I had that feeling even before I saw the shows. This is pretty much my opinion that changed a lot depending on circumstances.

 I wished Super Sentai ended with Mirai Sentai Timeranger's finale

Back then, I thought maybe Super Sentai should've ended with Timeranger, no pun intended. I thought that Timeranger might have been the best way to wrap up the series but because it was the 24th Super Sentai series, they wanted a 25th anniversary season. So Timeranger may have closed one era (and Time Force did too as the last purely Old Saban era the following year) and another began. Gaoranger and  Power Rangers Wild Force began two new eras. Half of Wild Force's later episodes went to Disney and Gaoranger started to focus more on selling more toys through the multi-gattai mecha. My reason is because maybe I felt that most of the old school Super Sentai are much better. I'm really more excited to finishing GoGoV, seeing more Dynaman, Changeman and Flashman episodes as of late.

I always thought the multi-gattai era was annoying until I started seeing how it can work if it's done with the right producers and writers. But no thanks to my pre-conceived biases, I thought anything after Timeranger sucked before I even checked them out. That's stupid of me considering I just watched them raw on Youtube way back then. In a way, Gaoranger as an anniversary Super Sentai season may have opened one era and Timeranger closed another. So I guess Timeranger ended a more action oriented era and Gaoranger opened up a more toy-oriented era.

Timeranger itself had a "finale" for Super Sentai which is the special out-of-continuity episode clip show. It had the Timerangers discuss about the 23 other Super Sentai seasons that came before them. I felt it's been the best Super Sentai clip show ever done. I even felt like maybe Jetman should've tried doing that aside from the Jetman TV Encyclopedia. Watching that short feature presentation made me think that could have served as a finale. While it could serve as a finale, it was more of a finale for the past era to start a new era for Super Sentai. I wish Power Rangers Time Force also did that kind of feature clip after its finale or did I miss something?

What are my thoughts to why Super Sentai and Power Rangers still went on? I guess Timeranger and Time Force did so well that the demand for Super Sentai and Power Rangers just kept going. I felt like Time Force was more or less giving Toei an idea on how Super Sentai would be after Timeranger. Less violence, more fun while keeping some character development. I guess Toei and Saban felt like the idea of ending Super Sentai and Power Rangers would be really bad for business so it continued.

So Gaoranger didn't end up as a "finale season". Instead, it appeared as both as Super Sentai's 25th Anniversary Season and a new era for Super Sentai. So after Timeranger, the newer era of Super Sentai might be best summarized with the new formula of "less action and more mecha, less serious and more lighthearted storylines" for most of the run. Gaoranger was followed by Hurricanger which can be considered a lighter version of Liveman. Abaranger is much less serious than Zyuranger which was considered "kiddie" during its time. Dekaranger may be a cop-based Super Sentai but it's much less serious than the other rescue police series like Janperson, Winspector, Solbrain and Exceedraft. Magiranger is considerably that lighthearted. Boukenger is too also that lighthearted.

I wished Super Sentai ended with Gougou Sentai Boukenger's finale

So I wasn't all too keen with Super Sentai and didn't realize Boukenger was the freaking 30th anniversary. I thought that Super Sentai may have been around too long. I enjoyed Boukenger and had what I'd call a real hangover with the show. While I've never actually adventured with them and that's just impossible, I'll confess that I almost didn't care about Super Sentai after Boukenger with my own personal pre-conceived biases. I always felt like, "That's it! Super Sentai should end." after Boukenger. So I almost didn't want to check out a lot of stuff without realizing I could have missed some really good post-Boukenger seasons.

Fortunately I didn't get my wish with Super Sentai ending after Boukenger. It's because after that season, there were some better seasons in store for Super Sentai viewers. As much as I say I'm a fan of the series but I felt like Gekiranger turns out to be much better than I expected it to be. Gekiranger has a more solid storyline and characterization than Boukenger ever could offer, which also offers to go back to more serious stories but it didn't work so well with the target market. Go-onger is so-so and I'll admit while I do like it, Boukenger has been better for me. Then there's Shinkenger which I feel has better characterization than Boukenger. Goseiger was so-so for me. Shinkenger and Gekiranger for me were much better than Boukenger.

Like Timeranger, Boukenger had its own clip show with Super Sentai. They featured a clip show in most of the episodes about their predecessors. They had the Boukenger vs. Super Sentai feature film like Gaoranger had a Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai film. While Gaoranger was an opening of a new era, I felt like Boukenger basically closed another era of Super Sentai or did it? Maybe or maybe not. It's probably best for Super Sentai fans to decide.

 I wished Super Sentai ended with Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's finale

The moment I saw Gokaiger's beginning, I felt like Gokaiger should have been the finale that Super Sentai needed to conclude it as a franchise. Just think how they've crammed all 34 previous Super Sentai seasons into one long timeline. There's the big bang of a beginning while it's predictable that sooner or later, the ending will have the Gokaigers return all the powers back to their rightful owners. The season had a lot of fanservice with cameos from older casts and there's the Gokaiger hype. For me, the series could've been the finale Super Sentai needed to end a long-running series. Or was Gokaiger meant to really close one era and open another like Boukenger did?

Remembering Gokaiger, it really had a lot of past alumni showing up and reprising their respective roles. My favorite episodes usually focused on older than Gaoranger cast members like when Joh Ohara, Gai Yuki, Kenji Ohba, Yuji Kishi and Keiichi Wada all made important guest appearances. I didn't really like too much of the other episodes that had the Gaoranger up to Goseiger guest cast of characters. So I felt like the more I watched it, the more I felt like that Super Sentai needs to end already because it's past its prime. There's the Hero 199 Movie which was pretty good. Then after seeing Gokaiger vs. Gavan (which brought me back to my childhood watching Gavan), the Go-Busters made a cameo showing that Gokaiger was probably closing another era of Super Sentai. Then maybe it's safe to say Go-Busters is opening another era.

My reasons soon evolved overtime to when I wanted Super Sentai to why I wanted it to end with Gokaiger. I'll admit I do like Go-Busters in spite of the fact not so many people like it. I felt like the post-Gobusters seasons namely Kyoryuger, ToQGer and Ninninger were really more of low-tier seasons. Go-Busters was good for me but like Kamen Rider Faiz, I personally felt it suffered from several flaws of the head writer trying to do one's best but eventually gives up writing a better story. Then Kyoryuger gets a lot of Daigo Kiryu-centric scenes plus I feel like all the samba is super annoying. ToQGer fails to meet Shinkenger's success in many ways. Ninninger hardly has those badly needed civilian stunt scenes which makes no sense since it's a ninja show. Those events made me think that maybe it was better that Super Sentai ended with Gokaiger because most of the later seasons weren't as good as Gokaiger.

So should Super Sentai end after Zyuohger?

As of right now, I'm currently wishing that Zyuohger becomes that grand finale that Super Sentai will have to conclude the franchise. I feel like maybe the show's ratings will go high again and I'm feeling positive for that show. I may not like the mecha designs but I'm enjoying the characters even if I'm already an adult. I was wondering how's Zyuohger's ratings and will Junko Komura ever capture the audience or will Zyuohger end up in a slump like it did with its post-Gokaiger predecessors? Only time will tell. Sometimes I feel like sooner or later, Super Sentai may get more changes assuming it should continue after Zyuohger.

I felt like maybe Toei may need to find other genres that they could come up with to keep going. Maybe it's time to revive the long-dead Metal Hero or "Other Hero" series. But again, there's still the demand for Power Rangers which Toei and Saban will still respond to as long as they've got funds and ideas to keep it going. But as said if I can't really like newer Super Sentai that much, I guess it's best to say, "If I don't like it, don't watch it."